Lilies War 2024


Job Descriptions

Gate Volunteer

We always need reliable gate people!  You will be the first point of contact as participants arrive at Lilies.  Your job as Gate Volunteer will be to

  • Provide the proper forms for signing in
  • Verify membership
  • Accept payment of fees
  • Some Gate Volunteers will also be responsible for assisting with end-of-shift counting and reconciliation

To be a Gate Volunteer, you must

  • Be 18 or older, or have an adult with you
  • Sober at the time of service
  • Be able to responsibly handle money


Shuttle (Golf Cart) Driver

Lilies War will have transportation available to assist those who need a little extra help or are making the long journey to the parking lot.  Your job as a Chariot Driver will be to

  • Cheerfully and safely drive a golf cart along a specified route or for urgent transportation assistance
  • Remind riders that donations to fund the Chariot Service are strongly encouraged

To be a Chariot Driver, you must be

  • A licensed driver
  • Sober at the time of service.



Waterbearers are the most important people on the field!  Waterbearers carry water to sustain the fighters during battle.  Your job as a Waterbearer will be to

  • Provide water and Gatorade to fighters
  • Prepare and sanitize equipment
  • Prepare and serve pickles and oranges
  • Be awesome at washing your hands

There are no age restrictions to being a Waterbearer!  However, you must

  • Be able to lift 8 pounds OR able to slice oranges
  • Be able to wash and rinse things


Authorizations and Inspections Marshals for Armored Combat

Lilies will be providing authorizations and armor inspections before all battles.  Your job as an Authorizations or Inspections Marshal will be to either

  • Provide authorizations and help the candidates complete the required paperwork
  • Provide safety inspections of armor according to Calontir standards

To be an Authorization or Inspection Marshal, you must be

  • A warranted Marshal


Field Marshal

During battles, we need eyes on the field.  Your job as a Field Marshal is to watch for safety issues. 

To be a Field Marshal, you must be

  • A warranted Marshal


Shower Cleaning

Lilies provides an on-site shower, but we need people to keep it sparkling twice a day!  Your job as a Shower Cleaner not only earns you the undying gratitude of everyone, but also involves

  • Spraying the shower clean (some lucky volunteers get to use the cool power washer)
  • Using cleaning products

To be a Shower Cleaner, you must

  • Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet and maybe dirty, including close-toed shoes
  • Be able to tolerate proximity to cleaning products
  • Be able to raise your arms above your head


TP Patrol

Lilies is famous for its pristine portajohns, and volunteers keep them fresh!  Your job on TP Patrol is to visit the portajohns in your area to:

  1. Restock with toilet paper and trash bags as needed
  2. Check and replace batteries in the lights as needed
  3. Report any issues

To be on TP Patrol, you must:

Be able to move about the site