Lilies War 2024

Transportation & Parking

Transportation and Parking


Transportation around site is available through the Chariot (golf cart) Service.  Chariots will travel to and from the parking lot and other locations in camp regularly.  Priority seating will be given to mobility-challenged individuals.  After you park your vehicle in the parking lot, enjoy a comfortable ride back to camp!

Please see the Chariot Map for transportation routes.


All vehicles and trailers must be parked in the parking lot promptly.  There are no exceptions.  You may load or unload your vehicle, but it must be moved immediately afterward.  Please see the Site Rules. 

Except for staff parking, there is no parking whatsoever available in camp for any reason.  Staff parking is limited to pre-arranged staff only.

Questions about parking should be directed to or the Event Stewards.

Medieval-Style Structures and Wagons

If you plan to camp in a wagon or medieval-style structure, please contact the Event Stewards ahead of time.  Your medieval-style structure may be permitted on a case-by-case basis, but this is not guaranteed. 

Modern Trailers and Recreational Vehicles

Modern trailers or other recreational vehicles will not be permitted in camp.  As with any vehicle, it must remain in the parking lot.  Generators are not permitted on site, even in the parking lot.  Please see the Site Rules. 

If you require service hookups, you may be more comfortable at one of Clay County’s nearby campgrounds.  Please make your own separate arrangements with Clay County: