The archery area includes the main shooting range, the 100 Arrows range, the children's archery range, & the thrown weapons range.  All archery shoots have some combination of flat and/or 3D targets.  Each day is filled with a variety of themed shoots and throws.

Only field points may be shot.  No broadheads.  Closed toe shoes must be worn to participate in thrown weapons. 


There typically is loaner equipment on site for children's archery and thrown weapons.  

Emeline de Moulineaux


Safety Rules

  • An archery marshal must be present on the range during use. No shooting or throwing is allowed without the presence of an authorized archery marshal, or archery marshal in training, working the line.

  • All equipment must be inspected by an archery marshal, or archery marshal in training, before use.

  • Closed shoes or boots must be worn on the thrown weapons range even if not throwing.

  • Never cut through the archery or thrown weapon ranges while the range is open.

  • A minor must be 14 years or older to use a bow without their parent or guardian’s presence. The parent or guardian must be within arms reach if the minor is younger than 14 years. Thrown weapons and crossbows can only be used by minors 14 years or older with their parent or guardian present.

Archery Schedule