From the Archery Marshall

Greetings from the Archery Marshal in Charge,

Welcome to Lilies archery. On behalf of myself and my deputies, Mistress Lynette Davejean, Lady Avelyn Carbery, and Lord Eric Thorn, I invite you to participate in a wide variety of activities and tournaments on the Archery Range, 100 Arrows Range, Thrown Weapon Range and Children’s Archery Range.

The Archery Range and 100 Arrow Range are open 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM daily.  

The 100 Arrow Range is under the direction of Mistress Lynette Davejean with the final Saturday reserved for the 100 Arrow finals. This is the premier archery tournament of the war so make sure you get in on the fun as we mark its 25th year.

The Thrown Weapons Range is open 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and is under the direction of Lady Avelyn Carbery.  Please remember NO OPEN SHOES allowed on the Thrown Weapon Range. 

The Children’s Range is open 9:30 AM to Noon Sunday through Friday, under the direction of Lord Eric Thorn, with a special children’s shoot scheduled for Tuesday afternoon beginning at 1 PM. This is a great opportunity for children to learn to shoot or improve their shooting skills.  Please note that a parent or guardian must be within arms reach of a child when they are shooting.

Safety Rules:

  • An archery marshal must be present on the range during use. No shooting or throwing is allowed without the presence of an authorized archery marshal, or archery marshal in training, working the line.
  • All equipment must be inspected by an archery marshal, or archery marshal in training, before use.
  • Closed shoes or boots must be worn on the thrown weapons range even if not throwing. 
  • Never cut through the archery or thrown weapon ranges while the range is open. 
  • A minor must be 14 years or older to use a bow without their parent or guardians presence. The parent or guardian must be within arms reach if the minor is younger than 14 years. Thrown weapons and crossbows can only be used by minors 14 years or older with their parent or guardians present.


Yours in service,

Baron Galen mac Colmain

Archery Descriptions

Breakfast Shoot: (Mistress Alessandra de Piro)

Come enjoy whatever breakfast food, and shooting, Alessandra comes up with in what has become a start of the war tradition.


Move it Around Shoot: (HL Eynon Llangenydd)

This shoot is good practice for moving shots around a target for maximum points. Good practice for the 100 Arrows Shoot.


Bee Sisters’ Torchlight Shoot: (The Bee Sisters™)

This shoot will take place starting at dusk into the evening lit only by the moon, the stars, and the fire from torches.  All rounds will be shot at flat targets. Bring a flashlight to help see the ground & targets while retrieving. Come practice protecting your village in the dark from all that goes bump in the night!


Choose Your Own Adventure Shoot: (HL Roderick de Graham)

The shoot is 5 ends, End 1 - not a speed round but, the first 4 people completing 6 arrows get a card. The cards are questions that direct how the game will be played in the next 4 ends. The answer could be good or bad depending on the choice. For example, the question is white or gold. If they pick white, points are doubled. If they pick gold, the target is scored in reverse.  Each end has different choices.


Eynon’s Other Shoot: (HL Eynon Llangenydd)

This will either be the SSAC shoot for June-August, or a random fun shoot. We’ll see...


Moving Target Shoot: (HL Michael the Wanderer)

Come see what Michael has come up with for us this time as we have fun shooting at targets in motion.


Archery For Beginners: (Lord Franz Johann Gottskrieger)

There will be an introductory lecture by Franz to be followed by a practicum section where people are given the opportunity for guided practice utilizing the principles learned in the lecture portion. Experienced archers are encouraged to attend to lend their guidance to the class.


Fyrdraca Shoot: (The Bee Sisters™)

Have you ever wanted to shoot from a Viking longboat? Now you can! The Bee Hive Five and the crew of the Fyrdraca have joined forces once again this year to bring you this unique opportunity to do something exciting while raising funds for two worthy causes. The cost is $20 (cash only please). The proceeds are split evenly between the Fyrdraca Preservation Fund and the Lilies Archery Fund. The boat can take 15 archers per raiding party for a maximum of three voyages. Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served, basis at the dock. Participants must be 15 years or older, be able to board, and row if needed. Bring 10 arrows to shoot to kill off the defenders of the village you are raiding.  We do our best to retrieve all arrows, but please bring arrows you don’t mind potentially getting broken or lost. Scoring is 1 point per hit on the target.

(Financial assistance is available for first time participants who need it.)

Pas d'armes: (Barony of Three Rivers)

The Pas d’Armes is a chance to bring the pageantry of the Middle Ages to the archery field. There will be a short Baronial Competition after which individual archers (OPEN TO ALL) can issue challenges. Winners of challenges will be given a token to present to someone in the gallery (audience) who inspires them.  There will be a prize for Best Dressed, Most Chivalrous as determined by Their Excellencies of Three Rivers and Most Eloquent (based on issuing challenges and presenting tokens). Come immerse yourself in the pomp and pageantry of the Middle Ages. Contact Dammo for more details.


Modified York Round: (Master Lief of Crescent Moon)



Lady's of the Rose Tournament: (HG Ashland de Mumford & HG Issabell St. Charles)



Hutsman 3-D Shoot: (HL Asher de Lokwode)

Come have a great time hunting 3-D targets.


William Tell Shoot: (Lord Gobban Mac Roibeard)

Ever wanted to do a real William Tell? Well, zombies don't mind. Multiple rounds at different sized targets.


Queen's Yeoman Tourney: (Her Majesty Atia Albia Tamara & Mistress Alessandra de Piro)

Bring your longbow, and compete with bow, axe, knife, and spear to become one of the Queen’s Yeoman.


The Dot Shoot: (Lord Copin di Gentile)

Three different sized dots scored large 1 point, medium 2 points, and small 3 points. Two rounds of six arrows from 20 and thirty yards. You must score a large dot before a medium, and then medium before a small dot.


Zombie Shoot: (Lord Gobban Mac Roibeard)

This shoot is to simulate an approaching army. Be warned, they have gotten smarter.


Unranked Archer’s Tourney: (Lady Avelyn Carbery)

All archers who have never received a kingdom level award for archery are invited to attend this tournament sponsored by the Boga Fyrd of Calontir.


Period Equipment Shoot: (Master Lief of Crescent Moon)

Alphabet Soup Shoot: (HL Thomas Fleischacker)

There will be two targets with four letters each. Archers will need 8 arrows per round. Scoring is  3pts small insert, 2pts letter proper, 1pt letter background. Only one arrow scores per letter. There will be three rounds at different distances. More rounds will be shot pending time and number of archers.


Fyrd Captain Shoot: (Lady Avelyn Carbery)

This will be the tournament to decide the new Fyrd Captain for the next year. If you are a member of the Boga Fyrd come and shoot with us.