Calontir Arms

Site Rules

Last updated 3-30-17

Law and Policy

This is an official event of the Kingdom of Calontir, and the laws and policies of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., and the Kingdom of Calontir apply at all times. The Event Steward reserves the right to remove anyone from the War of the Lilies for failure to comply with these rules or for creating an unacceptable disturbance.

In cases of violation of modern law or park rules, the local civil authorities may be summoned. Such violations will be considered grounds for removal from the site with forfeiture of fees.


All minors must have a parent or legal guardian on site at all times, or must be accompanied by a responsible adult, at least 21 years of age. Any minor attending without a parent or legal guardian must have at least two copies of NOTARIZED “Informed Consent to Participate” waivers and “Minor’s Medical Authorization” forms properly filled out for each minor before arriving on site (the local hospital requires all medical authorizations to be notarized). Parents or legal guardians bringing their own minor children do not need notarized medical authorizations, although they are strongly recommended since minors cannot remain on site unless a parent, legal guardian, or adult responsible for the child [and named in a notarized medical authorization] is also present on site. If a minor has a Society-issued membership card denoting a waiver is on file (currently printed on blue card stock) they do not need to have “informed consent to participate” waivers.
Minors too young to be able to identify themselves and their parents must be marked with this information in an acceptable manner. Medical armbands and pendant tags will be available at the Troll Booth.
Forms required for this are available on the Seneschal Page on the Calontir Website, in the Forms for Event Stewards zip file, they are also linked individually where mentioned above.

Parent/Guardian/Liaison Youth Supervision Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to keep SCA youth safe and ensure that all who attend SCA functions have a positive experience.

  • Youth 5 and under shall not be left unsupervised by parent/guardian/liaison, at any time.
  • Youth 10 to 6 shall be within sight/sound of parent/guardian/liaison at all times.
  • Youth 11 to 17 may experience event outside sight/sound guideline. Parents/legal guardian/liaison shall be aware of youth’s location and are responsible for youth’s actions. Youth exhibiting lewd, violent, or other severe problematic behavior, or who are diminishing the experience for others, shall be addressed and discussed with parent/legal guardian, and may be placed under sight /sound guideline or other defined guidelines designated by event staff.
  • Youth under age of 18 are not considered suitable guardian/liaison for younger youth.

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The legal age for alcohol consumption in the State of Missouri is 21 years of age.

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NOTICE: The main gate to the Kelsey Short Youth Camp will be closed until 8am the first Friday of Lilies. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES park on the road outside the camp gate (Collins/Camp Branch Rd.) If you do you WILL be ticketed by federal authorities. The ticket WILL hurt your pocketbook. Thank you.

Parking is allowed only in specifically designated parking areas (the roped off lanes in the parking lots, in other words). Vehicles may not be parked along roads or in camps unless immediately loading or unloading,and must be moved to appropriate parking areas as quickly as possible. Vehicles being loaded or unloaded should not be placed in a position that blocks a road. The areas near the dumpsters, the solar showers, either permanent shelter, and across from the food-merchants are not parking lots and no parking in these areas will be tolerated. Failure to comply may result in: ticketing by Park Rangers, or towing and repeat offences may result in expulsion from site.

Handicapped Parking area requires a government-issued handicapped license plate or mirror tag. Proper use of these spaces will be strictly enforced.

Staff Parking is reserved for authorized staff vehicles whom have been issued a special Staff mirror-tag only. No exceptions will be granted, proper use of these spaces will be strictly enforced.

Trailers may not be parked in Camps, and must be parked in the Trailer lot. Only trailers are permitted in the Trailer lot (no attached vehicles are allowed).

Permission to park trailers attached to vehicles in oversize-vehicle area may be given on a case-by-case basis by Event Steward Staff. Vehicles so parked should not be moved during the war (if you’ll need to move it, drop the trailer and park normally).

Parking in oversize-vehicle area permitted by permission only. Permission must be obtained beforehand from Event Steward Staff.

Vehicles are permitted to drive into grassed areas to unload and load only. The Event Steward may close off traffic in and out of grassed areas if the ground is wet, whereupon all traffic will be restricted to paved or gravel roads. Driving onto closed roads or other areas may result in immediate expulsion from site.

Lilies War will no longer provide tractor “towing” services. If you find yourself stuck, you must get yourself unstuck and if you are blocking traffic, it must be done immediately.

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Personal Motorized Vehicles

No golf carts, mopeds, or other such vehicles are allowed, except for wheelchairs or other approved conveyances for disabled persons.

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Camp Space

Camping space is on a “first come-first camp” basis. The Event staff will NOT make any land allocations for campsites. (Merchant areas, however, are assigned and reserved.)

Anyone wishing to reserve space for others should use courtesy, common sense, and diplomacy – and realize that there is a great deal of space available throughout the park. Marking off an area does not give title to that area; it only indicates that you wish to reserve it and asks for cooperation and consideration.

Camping is prohibited within 10 feet of any paved or gravel road. This is a park rule and will be enforced by the Park Rangers.

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Public Roadways

All roads and paths must be kept clear. Anyone setting up camp on paths or roadways, directly around the main fire pit, below the archery range, on the battlefield, or in any other public or restricted area will be required to move this camp. Please do not allow tent ropes, signs, camp items, etc. to encroach on paths or on your neighbor’s spaces.

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Trees and Bushes

The only modification you may make to the site is to mow the grass. Trees, tree limbs, saplings, and shrubs may not be cut under any circumstances. The park authorities will handle any violations.

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  • All fire pits must be inspected by the Lilies Fire Safety Coordinator before they are used.
  • All fire pits must be a minimum of 10 feet from all tents or shade flies.
  • Do not dig fire pits in roadways, walkways or the safety zones around the gas pipelines.
  • No open bowl type torches and no ground torches that are not secured in place. (For example, tiki torches should be put securely into the ground or a portable hole so that they cannot be easily knocked over.)
  • You may gather deadfall material from the woods to use as firewood.
  • If a camp has a fire pit of any sort, a fire extinguisher (Class AB minimum) needs to be present also.
  • You must fill in your fire pits prior to leaving the war. Please stamp down the ashes and replace the soil.
  • Don’t use your fire pit to bury your trash.
  • Please be careful with all open flames.
  • Fires in grills, hibachis, and the like are permitted if ash and coals are disposed of in a responsible manner.


Fire shows include, but are not limited to, fire walking, fire breathing, explosives, pyrotechnics and fire poi.

NEW Fire Policy (2018)

We have a new rule this year… every tent that has a flame or heat source (candle, stove, heater, lamp, lantern, etc) needs to have a fire extinguisher with the tent. The extinguisher must have at least a 1-A rating. The most common extinguisher of this type is a 1-A 10BC. A kitchen type extinguisher with only a BC rating will not meet the requirements.

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All camps are to be left free of garbage before we leave. Place all garbage in an appropriate park or event supplied receptacle. By request of the Parks Department, this specifically includes cigarette butts. Anyone who fails to comply with this rule may be banned from next year’s war.

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Water Spigots

Potable water from a public water supply is available at several locations around the site. All spigots must be left accessible to the public at all times. Hoses or the like may not be attached in such a way as to block easy access. Under no circumstances may anyone wash dishes, clothing or their person(s) at a public water spigot. Please use common sense and courtesy to aid us all in maintaining sanitary public water access.

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There are no public outlets available on site. The existing electrical outlets may be used only with specific permission from the Autocrat. Under no circumstances may anyone alter or modify any electrical outlet.

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Swimming is permitted anywhere in the lake, unless otherwise posted. No lifeguards are provided, however, so swimming is at your own risk.

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The Park Department requests that campers be courteous to others using the Lake Campgrounds after 10:30PM. This does not mean that we cannot sing, drum, and revel. However, if any complaints of excessive noise should be received from the park staff, the Autocrat will ask those creating the disturbance to move or lower the volume as appropriate.

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Pets are allowed at the War of the Lilies; however, there are a few rules that must be followed. Violation of these rules my result in the removal of the animal and/or the owner from site.

Pets must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet while walking around site. A longer leash may be used while in camp as long as it keeps the pet within the boundaries of the owner’s camp otherwise the pet must be caged. “On a leash” means the non-pet end of is attached to either a person or a stationary object.

Excessive nuisances and noise such as barking or howling will not be tolerated.

Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Please do not allow your pet to relieve themselves in any public area.

Pets are specifically forbidden to enter the battlefield, archery range, or any additional public areas that are marked as such.

If your pet should bite another individual, you will be asked to remove the pet from site immediately. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE. If you do not comply, the owner will be asked to leave as well.

No pets will be allowed in the Food Court area, including the food merchant tents.

One main attraction to Lilies War is the fireworks. If you pet is bothered by loud noises, please arrange to not leave you pet alone in camp during the fireworks.

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Horses are not allowed at the War of the Lilies.

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Smoking is not permitted in any public buildings/areas or event-provided tents. Smoking is also not permitted in any merchant or food tents. Also, there is no smoking permitted at any advertised party unless there is a designated smoking area. The site owner requests that cigarette butts be placed in an appropriate trash container. Please help us keep our site safe and clean; do not throw your cigarette butts on the ground.

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Prohibited Items

Firearms, fireworks, weapons of any kind (other than those acceptable for reenactment purposes – like swords, knives, bows, etc.), hazardous chemicals, or any similar items are expressly forbidden.

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There will be no generators allowed on site.

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