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Lilies War 2023 Food Truck Information and registration

Kelsey Short Youth Camp at 17980 Collins Road, Smithville, MO.

June 9-18, 2023


Huzzah! I am glad you are considering being a vendor at our event this year. You may be familiar with renaissance festivals and there are some similarities with Lilies, as well as some differences. Lilies war is an annual event put on by the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism); a medieval re-enactment club. To get an idea of what we do, please see www.scademo.com.


We are looking for food trucks to provide an evening meal between 4 and 8 pm on the Monday-Friday, June 12-16. There will be about 800-1000 campers on site who are potential customers. We plan on two food trucks each night, with totally different menus.


There is no fee for you to attend, nor do we guarantee income; however the trucks we had last year were quite happy with their sales and several have asked to return. We are not accepting trucks with only beverages or desserts; we are looking for full meals only.


You must comply with all the laws and rules of the Clay County, MO health department and you are responsible for any paperwork needed. They do come out and check. https://www.clayhealth.com/339/Food-Establishment-OwnersOrganizers-Form


Here is what to expect: Please show up early enough to be ready to serve at 4 pm. You will drive into the event site and follow the road to the check in tent. My deputy will be notified by radio and will take you to the food court where you can get set up. You will be parked on grass and there is limited electrical available. There is no water hookup available: although water can be hauled from a spigot down the road. There is also a tent with tables and chairs for people to eat. There are trash cans available. You may begin serving whenever you are set up and we would like you to stay until 8 pm. If you are making sales after that, feel free to stay longer. We do request that you stay in the food court area and not wander the site.


I am your contact person and you can contact me if you are interested at debkeller62@gmail.com . I will need to know what foods you serve and which night or nights you are available.


Thank you,

Deb Keller

Merchant Coordinator

Lilies War 2023