Count Yseult de Michel


Greetings to those who are young and young at heart!

Thank you for joining us this year! I am excited to be back as your Youth Activities Coordinator and bring back some favorite activities, including the dungeons and dragons campaign that was very popular last year. We’ve also expanded on the D&D offering this year with a tie-in with the other classes. Make sure to come to as many youth classes as you can in order to get in-game bonuses! We are also building out our youth activities space to make it fully for you. This year we are going to introduce a castle to play in and around!

Please regularly check the board in the MOY tent for any changes to the schedule, including any additions of any activities. Also please check out the martial arts schedules and the general arts and sciences schedule, often these activities can be absolutely enjoyed by everyone! I will often be around the area if you have any specific questions for me. I look forward to having an awesome event together! 


Count Yseult de Michel

Lilies Youth Activities Coordinator