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Last Updated:  4-4-17

Volunteering at War is a great way to assist, try new things and meet new people!  There are many different ways and activities to volunteer for.  Below is a listing and descriptions of ways to volunteer.



Thank you for stopping to help for a few minutes, an hour, or the day. You are highly valued and extremely appreciated. The mission you have chosen to accept is an incredible one.  Watching over our fighters and marshals (and each other) is exceptionally rewarding.

As water-bearers we ensure everyone has a ready source of water/electrolytes; provide small snacks to boost blood sugars and electrolytes; offer extra eyes for the marshals regarding armour failures or brewing tempers; assist the chiurgeons with monitoring the populace on and near the field for heat related injuries.

There are many ways to help:
–manning the table and refilling jugs, cleansing tubes, cutting pickles/oranges
–walking the armouring tables to offer hydration/watch for illness
–carry fresh jugs to the bearers on the battlefield
–walk oranges/pickles to the fighters
–carry jugs out near/on the battlefield

Safety Guidelines:
–16 is the generally accepted age of water-bearers on the field as that is the age for authorizing as a fighter. Note I said guideline—WbiC has first call as we have some extremely capable and mature young teens; but the Head Marshal has the final authority to veto and remove from the field anyone they deem unsafe.
–Closed toe shoes are required to go on the field. Period. It’s recommended to have them walking the armouring tables as well
–Be Alert.  The marshals are watching the fighters for safety reasons, and the fighters are focused on slaughtering their friends.  The battles can move in a blink—always be watching the area.

To find out more contact me at:

Cristina l’Ambeler
Waterbearer in Charge
In grace,


Signup for a Lilies Gate shift! 

Just a few easy steps:

1. Visit
2. In the yellow box at the bottom of the page enter ‘’
3. Then click on the link to ‘Lilies31gate’
4. Finally sign up for one (or more) of the available shifts in the boxes below!

Thank you for helping out!!


Sign Up to Teach a Class

To sign up to teach a class, you should go through the Royal University of Scir Hafoc (RUSH) scheduler at . Classes will continually be accepted in the system, but if you want your class in the site book it must registered online by April 7.


Volunteer Opportunity on Archery Field

After the Fyrd Captain Shoot on Thursday afternoon, we will tear down the main archery range, children’s range, and thrown weapons range.
All materials need to be carried up to the road and stacked for transport to the storage facility. Many hands make light work!  If you would like to help please check the Schedule for the time(s) of the Fyrd Captain Archery Shoot or contact:  For more information.


Volunteers for Youth Activities

We are still looking for volunteers!  We need instructors to teach and volunteers to supervise. Do you have a skill you can share? Do you have a passion that you think kids would like to learn about? You don’t need to be an expert just have the willingness to share your knowledge with the Kids of Calontir.   Instructors are needed for the Kestral Page School. This fun activity is split into three age groups. I would love to have a different instructor for each group. This activity takes just a couple of hours over a few days of war. I am happy to work with the instructor to select a class time that is most convenient.

Volunteers will also be needed to assist with the Queen’s Chalice Root Beer Float Party and Youth Water Balloon Fight.

Lady Melodia
Youth Coordinator