Calontir Arms

Lilies War Episode XXXI: The Holy Roman Empire Strikes Back

To all Crowns, Dukes, Duchesses, Counts, Countesses, Knights, Masters, Mistresses, Baronettes, Lords, Ladies and all others who read these words.

Urged by necessity, we, Katherine and Murdoch, have sent word into these parts to inform you of the need of your brethren in the Heartland. For as you have heard, there are those who would defy the Dream and destroy that which makes our Society glorious. These heathens have raised an army and march to the shores of Loch Smythe in Calontir, preparing to strike at the very hallowed ground on which Katherine first drew sword from scabbard, Murdoch was raised to Peer, and the sky is painted in celebration of great achievements. These infidels dare to claim that they are righteous and that all should follow their path. Yet these mercenaries march only for coin rather than for glory and honor.
Although you have promised to keep the peace amongst yourselves, we ask you to do important work. We implore you to apply strength of arm and faith of heart to this matter. Muster all foot-soldiers, yeoman, baggage bearers, and artisans, poor or rich, on the fields of Loch Smythe in the second week of June to dispense justice upon those who would oppose us. Those who hear our call will be richly rewarded.
We beseech you to announce this in your court, publish this everywhere, and to persuade those of all ranks to don their tellerbarett, raise their zweihanders, ready their pikes, and join us at Lilies War.