Lilies Staff



Steward Contesse Issabell St. Charles
Steward Baroness Rebecca Beaumont
Deputy Baroness Gabrielle von Fredrichstahl  
Deputy Honorable Lady Miranda Logansdottir  

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Set Up Sir Toen Fitzwilliam
Boss Master Alan Smyith of Darkdale
Clean Up Lord Jean Paul le Malicieux
Tents Mistress Rigela Alicia la Placida
Parking Honorable Lord Galen MacColmain
Gate Coordinator Honorable Lord Jawhar ibn Akmal el Gazi
Fire Safety Coordinator Baron Magnus Anskegg
Medical Recharge Tent Coordinator Master Owain ap Bleddynellwyd
Water Bearing Coordinator Honorable Lady Katherine d'Arles
Tournament Coordinator Baroness Gabrielle von Fredrichstahl
Sanitation Master Murdoch
Recycling Mistress Rhianwen Ferch Bran AP Gruffydd

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Marshal In Charge Lady Emeline de Moulineaux
Deputy MIC Lord Eynon
Thrown Weapons Honorable Lady Juliana Macnayre
Children's Honorable Lord William Fletcher

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Arts & Sciences

Coordinator Mistress Ishmala bint Yuhannah
Deputy Coordinator
Class Scheduler/RUSH Honorable Lord Cathus the Curious      
Ball Lady Aleidis Zophilare

Competitions/Demo/Work Area Lady Juliana della Rena

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Cut and Thrust

Marshal In Charge Lord Gawin Kappler
Deputy MIC

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Coordinator Lord

Da’ud ibn Ibrahim al-Sisari


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Heavy Fighting

Marshal In Charge Sir Mathieu Chatrain
Deputy MIC
Inspections Baron Josef von Rothenburg

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Coordinator Honorable Lady Miranda Logansdottir
On Site Deputy Honorable Lady Marie Le Faivre
Food Court

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Public Relations

Website Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea
Master Scheduler Baroness Gabrielle von Fredrichstahl
Media Liaison Hertogin

Magdalena vander Meere
Tours Lady Bronwen Westhold
Royal Liason Syr Duncan of Skeene
Site Book Layout Hertogin Magdalena vander Meere
Site Book Graphics Honorable Lord Aiden O'Seaghdha  

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Youth Activities

Minister of Youth Honorable Lady Victoria Sauvignon
Teen Sponsor
Teen Coordinator Lady Elizabeth St. Philippe  
Youth Combat Coordinator

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