Calontir Arms

Youth Combat

Last Updated: 4-19-17
Greetings, Youth Combatants, Hopefuls, and Parents.
We hope to see a lot of the future of our Society on the field this year.
Look for the full schedule, but of note, the Youth fighters are once again invited to attend the Chivalry Social to get some good training with some of the best fighters in the land.  As a reminder to parents, while we do have SOME loaner youth armor and weapons available, we will not be able to provide groin protection, so please come prepared.  Forms, and rules, are linked from the Calontir Youth Combat Facebook page, or contact me at
YIS,  Duke Donngal Ericksson.


Youth Combat  – Noon-2pm – Sat, Sun, Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ Battlefield
Youth Combat  vs Chivalry – Fort battle – Noon on Friday @ Battlefield
Root Beer Float party – 2pm on Wednesday @ Battlefield
There will also be a Ladies of the rose youth tourney