Pre-Lilies Fun

One of our methods to make Liles 2015 – The Hundred Years Week better is to offer additional fun and activities at events throughout the first half of 2015. We’ll have tournaments, classes, workshops, and whatever else we can think of.

Duchess Aislinn is coordinating these activities. If you are an event steward, it’s quite possible she’s already contacted you. However, if you have suggestions or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us at events or online.

One of our first activities will happen at Coronation in January. Here is Duchess Aislinn’s blurb about it:

“As many prepare to do combat in the Crest Tourney this upcoming Coronation in January, the Lilies War would like to announce that the individual with the best 100 Years War crest as judged by appearance and documentation of period style* will get to assign resurrections to their chosen side for Lilies War. Come to the tournament looking your best, and gain resurrections for your side–will you support the French lily or the English lion?

*Please note that period construction will NOT be a criteria due to the nature of durability required for the tournament.”

Please note the point about resurrections. Everything for Lilies will be based upon resurrections for the fighting. Want to help the English or the French? Simply do more stuff and let us know which side you’re fighting for. The winner of this contest will earn 10 resurrections for his or her side.

For now, cry havoc and let loose the crests of awesomeness.

Updated for Lilies 29

Greetings all, the Lilies War website has been updated for Lilies 29.

The site will be updated periodically as we add new staff members, confirm new activities, and whenever else needed.

Please email if you see any problems or issues.

New Troll/Gate Hours

Greetings Calontir!

We wanted to inform you that the Lilies Committee has decided to change troll times for the war this year. Troll will be open every full day of the war from 8am to 10pm.

The first Friday of the war, pre-troll will open at noon with the gate opening at 3pm. Please remember you cannot park on the road outside the park at any time or you will be issued a federal ticket by the authorities. The park gate will open at 8am allowing you to pull into the Lilies parking lot to wait.

Please also remember ACCEPS pre-registration is now open for the war! Go to for a link to the ACCEPS page. Pre-Registration will be available until May 30th.

In Service,
Winnifred & Tatiana
Your Lilies Event Stewards