What A Month

Greetings all

I have discovered that April is *the* month for Lilies preparation. At least, so far. We’ll see about May. In any case, the Lilies staff has worked very hard and things are rolling along nicely.

I apologize for not updating the blog consistently the past couple of weeks. I will make this up to you in the next couple of weeks with a bunch of extra posts. This particular post has a bunch of small notes, but you can expect schedules, details, and other information coming fast and furious.

For today, we’ll start off with some down news. Most of you have heard about the ACCEPS situation, but here it is again. We wanted to offer ACCEPS, but that is no longer happening. The SCA Board of Directors directed that ACCEPS no longer be used after existing contracts were fulfilled. Lilies, therefore, according to the BOD, would then use ACCEPS in 2015 one last time. However, ACCEPS has decided to shut down their site immediately, so ACCEPS is not available and unfortunately this means there is no pre-registration feature for Lilies 29.

What this means for you, practically speaking, is that at peak times going through Gate might take a little extra time. However, while I’m sure everyone will understand and be patient, remember that Lilies entry is generally faster than any other war. Jawhar and his crew will get you through as quickly as they can.

On to better news. Congratulations to Esther bat Moshe for winning 5 resurrections for her side at Lilies War. She earned these for performing the most service of any Calontiri at Gulf Wars.

Thanks to Aislinn for her work tracking down that information. While she did that, she was thinking ahead about a competition for the equestrians.

Lilies War sadly cannot host equestrian events at this time, but Aislinn has worked the stewards of Horse and Falcon and come up with a way the equestrian community can help their side win at Lilies.

The best 100 Years War kit (horse and rider) presented at the Emprise will receive a prize and the right to assign 5 resurrection points to their chosen side for Lilies War.

Documentation of 100 Years War era look or what portions of yours or your horse’s kit represent 14th/15th century styles are highly encouraged. Support the English, or support the French, but no matter which side you choose you’ll support your friends at Lilies War!

Finally, at least for this post, I want to make sure everyone is aware of the court schedule for Lilies.

Opening Court will be on Sunday, 14 June, at 5pm.
Grand Court will be on Thursday, 18 June, at 5pm.
Closing Court will be on Saturday, 20 June, at 1pm.

After Closing Court, we’ll be hosting our grand end of the war shindig we’re calling Stourbridge Faire. So come watch closing court and hang out for the Three Rivers Players, followed by musicians, bocce, hobby horse racing for the kids.

That’s enough for now, but there will be more to come soon.

Thanks much.

Site Clean Up Day

Greetings all

This Saturday we’ll be working on cleaning the site up for Lilies War, starting around 9am. If you have the chance to come help us, please do. If you have garden tools like shovels, rakes, clippers, that sort of thing, please bring them.

The agenda includes picking up branches, fallen limbs, and anything else that needs, laying mulch on pathways and low areas, spreading gravel where needed, making sure the bridges in the woods are in good shape, and in general make sure the site is ready to go.

After doing the common areas, people are also welcome to clean the areas that they normally camp at.

Usually, this takes several hours and we’re done from noon to one. Of course, the more that help, the quicker we’re done.

Also we’ll be providing lunch and soft drinks.

I look forward to seeing some of you there.

The End of the Hundred Year’s Week.

Greetings all

Sorry about not posting last week. I’ve been getting ready for Gulf Wars. Magnus is already there and I’ll be there on Sunday. We’re excited and can’t wait to see so much of Calontir there.

Remember the Calontiri with the most volunteer hours will win his or her side at Lilies an extra 5 resurrections.

On to real part of today’s post, the end of The Hundred Years Week. We have huge and wonderful plans for the final Saturday of Lilies.

Everyone should plan on joining us all at the Grand Pavilion on Saturday afternoon for a Fyrdraca-load of fun.

First, the only battle that settles who wins, the English or the French, will be fought on Saturday. All of the resurrections after all of your work throughout the war will be used during this battle. This is what you are contributing with your gate shifts, teaching of classes, and everywhere else you help out. When you watch this battle, you will get to see your work allow fighters to resurrect and keep fighting.

Please note, the battle will be held around the Grand Pavilion. Though we rarely fight there, everything involved with the final celebration will be at the Grand Pavilion, so you know where to join us.

What else is happening as part of the final celebration? Glad you asked. Lots of stuff:

Their Majesties will have a closing court on Saturday.

The Three Rivers Players will show off their talents.

Musicians will play.

Bocce will happen, and if you leave your armor on the field, the armor will be bocce terrain.

More things yet to come that will be announced later.

Also, we encourage everyone to bring your leftovers to the Grand Pavilion. The remains of the Three Rivers party bar will be there. Bring what you don’t want to take home, show up to eat and drink what is brought, or both.

Basically, from noon throughout the afternoon will be a grand shindig to celebrate Lilies and Calontir. You’ll find out which side wins Lilies. You’ll see the Three Rivers Players. You’ll laugh. You’ll sing. And you’ll be there for closing court.

As mentioned, more details to come and we welcome other ideas.

We’ll talk about this more when we get back from Lilies, but it’s not to early for you to start planning to enjoy the second Saturday afternoon at Lilies with all your friends.

For now, though, time to follow the banners of Calontir to the battlefield.


Greetings all

I look forward to see all the entries in the Lily and Lion in any medium A&S competition this weekend. In the grand tradition of the SCA, you still have time to come up with an entry. After all, there’s two whole nights left.

Also at Chieftains, Magnus and I plan on hanging around the common area chatting with people about Lilies. Feel free to drop by and chat with us.

The next big thing on the horizon is, of course, Gulf Wars. We hope to see many of you there. Remember, the person with the most volunteer hours at Gulf Wars will provide 5 resurrections to his or her side.

That’s about it for the moment, we shall see you all on Saturday.

Classes at Lilies

Happy Kingdom Day Calontir!

And while we’re at it, happy birthday to Their Graces Maerwynn and Magdalena. What a day for Calontir.

Back to business. You know you want to teach at Lilies. You know you do, especially since each class taught will allow the instructor to provide a resurrection to his or her preferred side.

How do you register a class, you ask? Well, you’ve come to the right place as I have the answer. Simply go to:
Once you have created a login and logged on, you can go to the Instructors tab and add new classes or modify existing classes. You can even specify location and schedule.

Don’t want to teach but want to take every class in existence? Well, again once you have logged on, you can go to the Class Schedule tab and see the classes for each day, where they are, and when they will happen.

If you have questions about A&S in general, you may email Mistress Thora at artsandsciences@lilieswar.org. If you want to know about RUSH credit, either as a teacher or a student, you may email Mistress Rahil at rush@lilieswar.org.

Speaking of arts and sciences, you still have over a week to make something for the Lion or Fleur-de-lys in any medium competition at Chieftains. If the winning entry is lion-themed, then the English will get 5 resurrections. If the winning entry is fleur-themed, then the French get the resurrections.

Also, please remember that the Calontiri with the most volunteer hours at Gulf Wars will earn their side 5 more resurrections.

That’s it for this week. Have fun Calontir.