Deed at Arms

Greetings all

Here are the details of the deed at arms scheduled for Wednesday at 1pm on the Battlefield. Please note that this time is different from that which will be published in the book. It was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but to repeat, will be on Wednesday instead.

I would post all of the details, but you want to see the flyers for yourself. They're beautiful. Here's the link:

Note that the flyer says Wednesday.

It will be at 1pm on Wednesday, in case I had not mentioned that.

Here are the rules of the Deeds, by Raymond J Hindle

  • The Rules: We are all Ladies and Gentlemen. These rules are a guideline, set to establish a code of conduct for this Deed of Arms. We are all expected to follow the intent as well as the letter of the rules.
  •  KIT  ~All of the gear for The Deed should be chronologically appropriate for the 2nd half of the 14th Century
  •  ~NO VISIBLE PLASTIC. (If it is covered in such a way to not become visible then it is acceptable but “covered” does not mean just throw a tabard over it.)  ~ Helmets that would have been worn open faced will be allowed to have bargrills. It should be noted that a bargrill is a modern safety feature and the wearer is forsaking the protection of a closed helm.  ~Obviously modern footwear (cleats, combat/hiking boots) is not allowed. If they are covered, they will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Vibrum soles on pseudo turn-shoes are allowed.  ~Finger gauntlets are encouraged, mitten gauntlets are allowed, plastic gauntlets are not.  ~Aventails on bascinets are required (Padded Cloth, Maille, or documentable other material).  ~Greaves are required  ~Sabatons are encouraged*  ~Mail is encouraged* *All else being equal, more complete harnesses with lower leg armors and mail will get on the field before kits without. 
  • WEAPONS  ~ All weapons used shall be inspected by an authorized Marshallate representative. ~ No basket hilts–all swords will have cross hilts.  ~ Maces are allowed but must be reasonable length.  ~ No unshaped pole arms–all pole weapons must have a definable head of significant mass  ~ No pole weapon may exceed 7 feet, and no sword may exceed 5 feet.  ~ Daggers may be used for thrusting only.
  • CONDUCT  ~ We are using an assumed-plate standard. Blows to the body and limbs have no effect . ~ Thrusts to an open face (i.e., a bargrill), neck, and armpit, all “kill”. A cut or chop with a single handed sword to the face (bargrill) will also count as a killing blow. If you are "killed", you are out of the entire combat. If you are wearing mail, that part of you that is covered by the mail is proof to thrust.  ~Thrusts to the inside of the elbow, buttock, or back of the thigh render you unable to continue but not dead. You may be called upon to yield. If you are wearing mail, that part of you that is covered by the mail is proof to thrust.
  •  ~ Heavy blows to the head *did* have an effect. With that in mind, any stout blow to the head with a two-handed weapon or a mace will count towards being stunned. If you are struck three times to the head in any single engagement you are counted as stunned and must yield. If you get hit twice and then fighting breaks off, that's it, you start counting over. If three different guys hit you in the head one after the other with no real break in the fighting then you're stunned and you must yield
  • ~Anyone, at any time, may choose to yield. 
  • ~No intentional bodily contact will be allowed. Grappling, wrestling, kicks, body checks, grabbing an opponent, pushing, or throwing an opponent to the ground will result in the loss of your ransom. Anyone who becomes ‘helpless’ (On their hands and knees, on their back Etc.) due to the natural press of battle, and has an opponent's hand or weapon laid upon him without being struck should yield as the opponent displayed great courtesy in not bashing him.  ~Becoming unarmed does not render you ‘helpless’. 
  • ~ Capturing Prisoners: If and when you choose to yield, then anyone (from the other side) can simply place his hand or weapon on you and say something to let you know he's captured you ( e.g. , "You are my prisoner.", or "I've captured you.", Etc.).  ~ The captor or his agent must walk his prisoner off the field. The prisoner may not call out for help or otherwise draw attention to the fact that he is chattel. While the captor is escorting his prisoner, he may be forced to fight. If he is captured or killed himself then the prisoner goes free. During such fights the prisoner must stand quietly awaiting the outcome.  
  • ~ Ransom (One per combatant): All combatants will be encouraged to pay in a token ransom. It is up to the captor and the prisoner to negotiate the terms of the release. Ransom should befit your station. The captor will receive whatever ransom agreed upon at the end of the combat. Subsequent fights will be for the joy of combat.  ~If you have been captured, you are obliged to stay out of the fray unless your captor is killed or captured. Then you are free to do as you wish.  ~ Combat will last until all of one side or either captured, killed or have retired voluntarily. A 10-minute break will be called every 15 minutes. Anyone may quit the field for as long as he wishes, within reason, to rest or rearm at any time.

Lilies XXIX Merchants

Greetings all

Here is the current list of all the merchants who plan to be at Lilies XXIX.

Old Market

Asad's Silk Road Caravan – Furniture, fabric, clothes, armor, goblets, looms, jewelry and yurts

Ash and Griffin Pottery – Historical reproduction and medieval-inspired pottery including mugs, goblets, bowls, plates, and more

Celtz and More – Coifs, Pendants, Celtic Stuff, Kumihimo, kilts

Courtly Garb – Garb and accessories. Specializing in Landsknect and XXXLarge sizes included are tunics, fighting shirts, pants and waffenrocks.  Most items are one of a kind.

Drangon's Lair – Fiber arts supply, looms, shuttles, furniture

Goin' A Viking – Handmade soaps, Norse and Celtic pendants, perfumes, Celtic woven jewelry

Green Mountian Leather – Leather belts, pouches and other accessories, beads, jewelry, misc

Mhairi McLean's – Garb for lads and lessies. Simple chemise, sideless surcotes, pants, T-tunics, cloaks, arming caps, cloth pouches and more

Misty Tower Fiber Creations – Patterns, fiber, yarn, including hand spun and hand dyed embroidery treads, knitting needles, tote bags, fiber-related accessories

Northstar Armory – Reproductions of SCA-period jewelry. Carefully curated selection of books for the modern medievalist.

Read it Again Books – Used books, hardback and paper, cook books, history, fiction and non-fiction

Thorvik Crafts – Leather Pouches, belts, sides, and Misc. Blacksmithed items including tenet stakes.

Vault of Valhalla – Norse, Celtic, and Anglo-Saxon hand cut jewelry, costume jewelry, handmade chairs, and miscellaneous wares

Viking Archery Supply – Bows, custom bow strings, arrows, quivers, arm guards, gloves, crossbows, jewelry, pottery and more

New Market

Avalon Oddiments – SCA garage sale: hand knit items books, garb,  feast gear, Misc kilt hose, handmade pouches (various types) and knitted goods

Baise's Wood Crafts – Wooden camp furniture that folds down

Blackwater Treasures – Yarns & fiber – wool -silk – bamboo – cotton – mohair, fiber equipment, drop spindles, kumihimo supplies

Bushman Leather & Crafts – Hand crafted leather goods, spinning and weaving tools, camp furniture and trim

By My Hand Designs – Jewelry, sheet metal, haversacks, Beads, Books, fighting supplies, coronets, belts,  Fiber tools, nalbinding needles, lucets, thrusting tips, and other various goods

Calontir Trim – Trim, Lamellar plates, Linen Coifs, twisted feastware, metalwork

Contourney Camel – Looms, weaving supplies, stools, tables, leather pouches, sewing supplies and wooden toys

Cornucopia – The Original Lilies General Store.  The things you forgot, the things you need, and the things too interesting to pass up.

Ends-N-Odds – Handcrafted items, coptic-bound, leather-covered journals / sketch books with linen parchment! Hardwood utensils, Viking clothing, soaps,

Fleur de Lis Spa and Botanica – Massage (therapeutic, relaxation, clinical), chair massage, herbal alchemy teas, bath, and face products, skin care, hair

Higher Vibrations by Halla – Reiki sessions, tarot & oracle readings, aura painting, mandalas, books, tarot and oracle decks, clothing, organic herbal teas, chakra & reiki healing stones, bags, incense and other gifts

Iron Cross Tailor – Simple Tunics – to fine tunics, cloaks, cowls, belts, felt hats

Irontree Works, Inc. – Period housewares:  cooking, camping, and eating gear of iron and wood.  Tent stakes, tripods, pans, bowls, horns, utensils, and more!

The Lady's Garden – Handmade soaps, salves and all-natural body care

MacCamie Studios – clothing, veils, coronets and jewelry

Neverland Designs – Basic Men's and Women's garb most in 100% linen

Nobudy's Bizness – Fresh fudge, Rock candy, licorice, axes, misc stuff for those not wanting sugar

Painted Sky Pottery – POTTERY!!!

Rain's Regailia – Clothes for all ages, Textiles, Incense, bath salts, and other found items.  Trades welcome

Repair Two Arms – Missing or broken buckles? Blown Rivets? Gauntlets run over in the parking lot? This is your one-stop shop for armor repairs!

Roamin Trader – Jewelry, Feast gear, Leather Goods, Horn Mugs, lanterns, fans walking sticks, knives and Medieval Teddy Bears

Sable Greyhound Gifts – Mediaeval and renaissance jewelry.  Must see custom zibellini family of furred and feathered creatures. One of a kind peerage, kingdom and officer pendants.

Snow Hawk Crafts – Horsebows, arrows, tooled quivers and armguards. Arrow repair, tooled belts and pouches, garb

Time Traveling Traders – Fine Amber, Gemstone & Sterling Silver Jewelry

Viking Archery Supply – Archery equipment: Bows, arrows, bowstrings, Quivers, gloves, arm guards, stringers, thrown weapons, archery T-shirts and more

Wolfram’s Wonderous Wares – Handmade cloak clasps, hairpins, jewelry, leather pouches, belts, tankard straps, new and used feast gear of all sorts.  Much more

Food Market

Guiseppi's Italy – Panini, spaghetti and meatballs, meatball sandwiches, salads.  Hours will vary due to volunteers schedules.  Please come and see us

Gryphons Nest – Come see what is new while grabbing an old favorite

Odyssey Coffee – coffee, espresso drinks, hot chocolate, strawberry and mocha cappuccino

Ram and Poni – Lunch and Dinner. Daily specials. BBQ. Elk, Buffalo and beef burgers. Elk chili. Drunken mushrooms. Salad. Ice cream. Sherbet.




Lilies Schedules

Greetings all The Lilies Master Schedule and the Lilies Class List are now available online.

You can download the Schedule for each day at the following links:
Friday 12 June:
Saturday 13 June:
Sunday 14 June:
Monday 15 June:
Tuesday 16 June:
Wednesday 17 June:
Thursday 18 June:
Friday 19 June:
Saturday 20 June:
Sunday 21 June:

The Class List is at:

Enjoy everyone.

Archery Information

Greetings from the Archery Marshal in Charge,
Welcome to Lilies War! On behalf of myself and my deputy, Lady Emeline de Moulineaux, I would like to personally invite you to come enjoy/participate in the wonderful activities happening each day on the Archery Range, 100 Arrow’s Range, Thrown Weapons Range, and the Children’s Archery Range.
Archery Range will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. each day with a variety of fun shoots scheduled. Any time slot not designated by a fun shoot will be for open practice and archery help. With the extended hours this year it is my hope that more people will be able to take advantage of the range and come out to shoot.
100 Arrows Range will be open under the direction of Mistress Lynette, starting the first Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day, closed from Noon-1 p.m. for lunch. The final Saturday is reserved for the 100 Arrows Finals. Make sure to get your 100 arrows in! You will want to be apart of the finals! This is the 20th year anniversary of this shoot and the finals will be nothing less than spectacular!
Thrown Weapons Range will be open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and closed from Noon-1 p.m. for lunch under the direction of her Ladyship Juliana Macnayre. Please remember that there are NO OPEN SHOES allowed on the Thrown weapons range.
Children’s Range will be open for children to come learn how to shoot and improve their shooting skills Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and will remain open until noon on those days under the direction of his Lordship William Fletcher of Carbery. Please remember to accompany your child to the range and plan on being with them during the shoots.
Safety Notice:
Ø No Shooting or throwing can occur without the presence of an archer marshal on the range being used.
Ø Closed toed shoes or boots must be worn while on the thrown weapons range whether you are actively throwing or not
Ø When passing the thrown weapons range be sure to stay on the road ward side of the safety line. Do not walk across the thrown weapons range.
Ø There must be an authorized archery marshal or archery marshal-in-training attending the line when the range is in use.
Ø Any equipment used on the ranges must be inspected by an archery marshal or archery marshal-in-training.
If you have any questions please stop by and talk with myself or any of the other deputies. I look forward to seeing each of you!
In Service,
Lady Alessandra de Piro

Lilies Youth Combat Information

Calontir Armored Youth Combat

This year, Duke Donngal and I, Count Damien, have taken the lead to start an experiment of SCA Youth combat in the Kingdom of Calontir. As parents of young children (as well as remembering my own personal experience growing up in the SCA) we both feel very strongly that a youth combat program would help to further engage the youth of Calontir and enrich our kingdom culture. 

After consulting with Society, our Earl Marshal, multiple kingdom youth combat deputies, and most of all the kids that love this sport, we have chosen to follow the basic guidelines of the Middle Kingdom and SCA youth combat. If the experiment goes well, it is our hope that this program is able to grow and become a regular activity in the Kingdom of Calontir.

The mission of the Youth Combat Program for Calontir is to provide a safe and fun environment in which youth ages six to 17 can participate in martial activities that mirror adult armored combat, at a level appropriate to their age. The goal is to introduce and reinforce the ideals of chivalry, honor, courtesy, service and heraldic pageantry, both on and off the list field. The program stresses good sportsmanship and requires significant parental participation. It is designed to allow our youth to learn more about all aspects of the Society and above all, have fun!

Yes, boffer play is fully encouraged. We wouldn't have it any other way. The second paragraph in the proposed Calontir Youth Combat rules is as follows:

Recognizing fully the conflict between “kids with toys” and organized activities that fall under the authority of the SCA, the rules and conventions described in the rules apply solely to organized youth combat within the purview of the SCA.  They specifically do not apply to children at play, regardless of whether they are using equipment which may coincidentally match that described by the published rules.

The youth field at this Lilies War will be open for authorizations and fighting from 3 pm to 5 pm (immediately following battles) on the edge of the battlefield Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. We will have as much loaner gear at the field as possible, but whatever gear you can bring (See SCA youth combat armor rules) will be helpful. If there is enough interest and help, we may do additional days.

Parental supervision and signed waivers are required for all children participating in Calontir youth combat. Constant parental supervision (within sight and sound) is required for children under 10 years of age.

For further questions or comments on the Calontir Youth Combat project, the rule set, or if you are willing to help, please contact Duke Donngal Eriksson or Count Damien MacGavin. While we are required to have at least one person with a background check at the activity at all times, you do not have to have a completed background check to help with youth combat.

We will be following SCA Youth combat guidelines as well as the rules in the Midrealm Youth Combat handbook, available online (see below). Printed versions of the rules will be available at the Inspection point on the battlefield.

We look forward to seeing as many kids as possible on the field this year.

HG Donngal Eriksson
HE Damien MacGavin

SCA Youth Combat guidelines:
Midrealm Youth Combat Handbook: