Totals from Lilies War XXIX

Greetings all

Here are some totals from Lilies War XXIX: The Hundred Years Week

Attendance: 1064 (We couldn't get 2 more? Just 2 more?)

Service Resurrection Points
English: 228
French: 251

Arts & Sciences Resurrection Points
English: 47
French: 62

Archery Kills of Resurrection Points
English: 56 slain
French: 54 slain

War Resurrection Points (Scenarios, Tournaments, Pre-War Activities)
English: 73
French: 72

Total Resurrections Earned
English: 284
French: 329

And who won the war? Well, given that the heat prevented a real battle on Saturday, I'm going to have to call this for the French, both because they earned more resurrections and because it matches the historical record.

One last note. The 479 combined service points do not represent hours, they represent shifts, which were almost always longer than an hour. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if that number averages 2 or 3 hours per shift, meaning it's probably at least 1000 hours of work that was reported. So, what was reported was the equivalent of about 6 people working 24/7 for a week to make Lilies happen. I also know that not every hour was reported.

So when Magnus and I said "Thank our staff," we meant "THANK OUR STAFF!" :)

Gate Raffle Winners

Greetings all.

Here is a list of the remaining winners of raffle items from Gate that I announced at Court on Saturday. If you see your name and you haven't already picked up your prize, please email Jawhar at

Catherine Anne Jordan of Mag Mor

Verena Haherin of Shadowdale

Clare Kin Vandalle of Waffleville

Isabelle de Berbiere of Deodar

Alvira of Wyvern Cliffe

Thanks for your work, everyone.


Greetings all

Whew. What an amazing week.

I have so much to say and I will do so over the next few days and weeks.

There are a number of things left at site. I'll be posting pictures of them as I can on the Facebook page, though my schedule may mean that the complete list is not available until just before Pennsic. I appreciate your patience.

For now, thanks to everyone.

Hasten Oh Sea-Steed…

Greetings all

Lilies War is up and running thanks to a terrific setup crew led by Madoc ap Llewellyn. We'll thank everyone in court tomorrow, of course, but Magnus and I want to especially thank Madoc who came to the site, worked all week to set it up, and then left today for training in Houston. Yes, that means he worked and worked and worked and left before he could really enjoy the fun.

The site itself is in fantastic shape. The ground has been firm and up to this point, drivable. There's rain forecast throughout the week, of course, and the driving conditions may change at any point, but we've been lucky so far. The only aspect of the site that is truly any different is that we have lost some of the coastal lands. Magnus and I are world champions. We are the Lilies event stewards with the biggest lake ever. Other than that, as I said, the site is in great shape. Many thanks to everyone who helped make that happen.

We can also announce that the Fyrdraca made it to site yesterday. There was some question as to how they would sail her under the bridge with the lake level so high. Somehow, they managed. Hurry to take your place on Calontir's sea-steed before someone takes it from you.

I think with all that being said, I probably should finish this and head back from Kelli's Korner in Paradise back to site. Time to go have fun!

Heading to Site

Greetings all

Magnus and much of the site set up staff have been on site for a day or two already. I'm heading out that way myself right now.

A couple of small notes.

First, there's a .pdf on the Archery page that lists all of the archery events separate from the main schedule.

Second, speaking of schedules. As things have changed I've been updating the schedules on the blog. It's a Sisyphean task, but we're trying to keep track of the changes and errata we've discovered since the book went to print. So far, it's only updated through Tuesday, but we'll keep plugging away.

Third, I'll be posting occasionally through the rest of  the week and also during the war. Keep checking the blog.

Fourth, remember to hydrate. We've been programming ourselves for a cold, wet Lilies. Well, it's still going to be wet, but it's going to be extremely hot as well. Please give Owain the laziest Lilies he's ever had.

Well, that's enough for now. See you at the war!