Lilies EMail Addresses

Greetings all

This week I’m posting all of the “official” email addresses for the Lilies staff and the recipients.

Coronation and Clothier’s

Greetings all

Coronation was a wonderful event. The Crest Tournament was fantastic, though the parents had to deal with kids getting more loot than a really profitable Halloween.

As part of Coronation, Duchess Aislinn sponsored a A&S competition of the best Hundred Years War period crest. Overall, we were impressed with the quality of all of the crests. Three stood out, however. Sir Halvgrimr’s peacock was fantastic. HL Aiden might very well have won, if his crest had not actually been from the 1500s, not the time of the Hundred Years War. The winner was HL Cearr MacBrendan’s wolf, which was an excellent, and documented, period example of a crest.

As part of his victory, Cearr will choose 10 resurrections for either the French or English. As he has yet to make his choice, I suspect Sir Snorri and Mistress Rhianwen might have to bid for those resurrections.

On to other items. HL Jawhar, the Gate Steward, is beginning his call for people to serve at the gate. If you are interested in helping out, please email

Next, if the Lilies theme makes you interested in new Hundred Years War garb, at Clothier’s Sir Mathieu Chartrain will be teaching about the garb of Hundred Years War soldiers.

More to come next week.

Welcome to 2015

Greetings, everyone.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and here’s to a fantastic 2015.

I am happy to announce that Snorri (one of the Henrys) will be the general for the English side and Rhianwen (Joan) will be the general for the French. We are about five months away from Lilies. You can expect these two to recruit heavily during that time for your participation at the war.

Soon, Mistress Thora and Mistress Rahil will be seeking teachers for classes. When the website is ready to enter classes, the address will be posted here. For now, think of classes you’d like to teach. Remember, teaching a class earns a resurrection for your side so you not only get to talk about something you care about, you also get to help Snorri or Rhianwen emerge victorious. For now, if you have questions, you can email Thora at and Rahil at

Lady Alessandra is encouraging people to sponsor challenges or shoots in archery or thrown weapons. You can contact her at if you have any ideas.

Each Wednesday evening, I will post new notes about upcoming activities. We encourage you to add to your RSS feed or reader software.

Finally, I hope to see many of you at Coronation this weekend. Remember that we are assigning resurrections to the English or the French based on the best 14th-century themed crest for the tournament. It should be a fun tournament and a great start to a new reign.

Have a great night and see you this weekend.


Pre-Lilies Fun

One of our methods to make Liles 2015 – The Hundred Years Week better is to offer additional fun and activities at events throughout the first half of 2015. We’ll have tournaments, classes, workshops, and whatever else we can think of.

Duchess Aislinn is coordinating these activities. If you are an event steward, it’s quite possible she’s already contacted you. However, if you have suggestions or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us at events or online.

One of our first activities will happen at Coronation in January. Here is Duchess Aislinn’s blurb about it:

“As many prepare to do combat in the Crest Tourney this upcoming Coronation in January, the Lilies War would like to announce that the individual with the best 100 Years War crest as judged by appearance and documentation of period style* will get to assign resurrections to their chosen side for Lilies War. Come to the tournament looking your best, and gain resurrections for your side–will you support the French lily or the English lion?

*Please note that period construction will NOT be a criteria due to the nature of durability required for the tournament.”

Please note the point about resurrections. Everything for Lilies will be based upon resurrections for the fighting. Want to help the English or the French? Simply do more stuff and let us know which side you’re fighting for. The winner of this contest will earn 10 resurrections for his or her side.

For now, cry havoc and let loose the crests of awesomeness.

Updated for Lilies 29

Greetings all, the Lilies War website has been updated for Lilies 29.

The site will be updated periodically as we add new staff members, confirm new activities, and whenever else needed.

Please email if you see any problems or issues.