---Market Area Merchants---

Aesc & Thorn
Alworthy's Forge, Esq.
Asad's Silk Road Caravan
Ash & Griffin/Please Touch Potteries
Avalon Oddiments
Baise's Wood Crafts
Basket Case
BlackWater Treasures
DeRosa's Boots and Exquisite Leather
Elephants Trunk
Goin’ A Viking
Green Mountain Leathercraft 
Irontree Works, Inc
Maccamie Studios
Metalsmith Mage
Mhairi MacLean
Neverland Designs
Nobudy's Bizness
North Star Armoury
Painted Sky Pottery
Raymond's Quiet Press
Read It Again Books
Revival Leather Goods
Silver Dragon Pottery
Silvermoon Creations
Stormbringers Treasure
The Vault of Valhalla
Thistlewood Manor Soap
Thorvik Crafts 
Tied To History
Viking Archery Supply

---Food Court Vendors---

Mid-Evil Burrito
Odyssey Coffee
The Ram and Poni

---Blanket Merchants---

(Can be found in the Market during the day)
Around Every Corner
S. Foxwell Leather

---In-Camp Merchants---

Calontir Trim
Griffon Made

Please direct any questions to 

Lord Ogawa Matajirou Ujimori

Merchant Coordinator
Lilies 33