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Welcome to Calontir War of the Lilies XXVIII!

The Lilies War is Calontir’s way to show the Known World just how much fun a war can be when you fight amongst yourselves.

It is traditionally held the second full weekend in June. The site features open fields, separated by wooded areas and a swimming lake that never closes.

Come join us for a week of battles, tournaments, classes, archery, medieval games, shopping, and nights of singing, dancing and reveling.

Dates for this year’s war: Friday, June 13th – Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Site: Kelsey Short Youth Camp, Smithville Lake, Missouri. About 30 minutes north of downtown Kansas City (and even closer to the KC airport).

This year’s theme: Battle for the Raven Banner

Web site for War of the Lilies:

Pre-registration for merchanting at Lilies XXVIII is strongly encouraged. Pre-registration for the Food Court is MANDATORY! While we still have plenty of space for camping, the merchant areas are getting cozy. Pre-registration assures you will have a reserved space in a merchant area.


Deadline for pre-registration is April 15, 2014.

Envelope MUST be postmarked by April 15 at the latest.

Registrations received that were postmarked after this date will be charged a $20 late fee, have no contact information in the war booklet and no rights to customary space.

Do no put anything in the mail to us after May 15, 2014!

Merchant Areas

Old Market
Area limited to one ‘street’ along the trees north of the battlefield, and road opposite archery range. Period tents and display required to merchant in this area.
New Market
West side of field by the shower house.
Food Court
Along asphalt road south of Chirugeon’s point.

Both the Old Market and Food Court are very limited; Contact the Merchant Coordinator about available space.


Merchant fees are $30.00 for Merchants wishing to setup and camp in the New or Old Markets, or Food Court.

Merchant fee does NOT include site fee.

Blanket/In camp fees are $15
for Merchants wishing to sell from their camp or a blanket in the New Market area only. Blanket and/or stock may not be left in market area when not selling. If you wish to blanket merchant in another area check with the merchant autocrat first.

Make checks payable to:
SCA, Inc. – Calontir Lilies War

Send Merchant fee with completed registration form to
HL Ermosinda de' Ystra:

E-mail confirmations will be sent when a registration request is received so please be sure your e-mail address is correct.

Pre-registered Merchants

Pre-registered merchants will be allowed on site at noon on Friday, June 13th. Start at Troll to pay your site fee than continue to your merchant area to check-in. Merchants may setup in their designated spots in the merchant areas. Merchants may NOT use this opportunity to claim “open” land. Merchants who do so will be designated non-compliant.

Merchants who have not pre-registered will be allowed on site at 3:00pm when the gate opens. Go to the new Market area and see the merchant autocrat before setting up.

Moonlight Madness

Moonlight Madness is scheduled for Wednesday, June 18th. All merchants are encouraged to stay open as late as possible for this shopping tradition.

Public Tours

The Lilies site will be open to the public for tours . This is a conservative Midwestern community and we request that you do not display items of blatantly sexual or pagan themes on this date as we would like to continue to make a good impression with the locals. Vehicles will be banned from the merchant areas from 10:00am. to 4:00ppm .

No Smoking in Merchant tents

Per Calontir Kingdom law; “Smoking is prohibited in all areas, inside or out, in which members of the populace must be present in order to participate in any aspect of an event.” Selling and teaching space/tents are affected by the law, personal tents are not.

Lilies War Refund Policy

Requests for refunds MUST be made to the Lilies Treasurer. Asking someone else may cause delays or prevent a refund. The Lilies Treasurer must RECEIVE requests for refunds in writing or e-mailed no later than June 1, 2014 and must include the same information in the request as included in the registration form (Business Name, Modern name, complete address, phone number and e-mail address). Requests must be sent to:

Lilies Treasurer, Master Thomas of Cologne:

Notification of same will be sent to the Lilies War Merchant Autocrat to maintain accurate records. After June 1, 2014 all refund requests are processed at the discretion of the Lilies War Exchequer and the Lilies War Event Stewarts with advice of the Merchant Autocrat. No refunds will be issued for ANY REASON after June 13, 2014. There is a processing fee of $5.00 on ALL refunds. Refund checks will be issued within 30 days of request.

Merchant Rules and Guidelines

Merchants are subject to the event rules listed in the Lilies War XXVIII Booklet. Egregious transgressions of merchant or war rules may cause a merchant to be marked as non-compliant (see below). Serious transgression may result in complete removal from the site for the duration of the war.

Sales tax: Merchants are responsible for collecting and forwarding sales taxes to the State of Missouri. Tax information will not be provided.

Alcohol: NO alcoholic may be sold on site.

Food: Only pre-packaged non-perishable food may be sold outside of the Food Court.

Liability Insurance: Merchants of blades, weapons, and other “inherently dangerous” merchandise are not required to have liability insurance, it is recommended however. Merchants who do not have proof of liability insurance are required to post a sign in their sales area stating to the effect: “These Wares are Dangerous. You Could Hurt Yourself Handling Them. Handle At Your Own Risk. Govern Children Closely.”

Music: No mundane music is allowed and please watch the volume on any music you do play to be sure it is not disturbing to your neighbors.

Check out: All merchants must be packed up and ready to leave by noon on Sunday, June 22nd.

Each merchant MUST check in with the merchant autocrat for their area before leaving, to allow for a walk through of their site. Failure to check in before leaving will cause the merchant to be marked as non-compliant.

At noon on Sunday, the merchant autocrat will record any merchants still on site, documenting such through photographs. All such merchants will be recorded as non-compliant.

Any merchant whose site requires additional clean up will be marked as non-compliant. Lack of clean up will be documented with photographs.

Non-compliant Merchants

All merchants who are marked as non-compliant will be notified by the end of July by at least two of the following means: by letter, by phone, by email or in person, in the presence of either the Lilies autocrat or the chair of the Lilies Committee.

In the year following being marked as non-compliant, a merchant must meet the following additional requirements:

  • Be pre-registered by April 1st

  • Submit a $50.00 deposit with the pre-registration.
    (Per the Lilies Committee Financial Policy; the check will be deposited, and a refund, if appropriate, will be issued after the end of the War.)

  • Perform five hours of community service, arranged through the Merchant Autocrat.

  • The mechant shall surrender seniority of position within the Marketplace.

If a non-compliant merchant does not participate in the next consecutive Lilies War, the merchant must submit to the above requirements on the first year they return to the war. That is, you may not escape the consequences by skipping the next war, and come back washed clean.

After a year in which a merchant was listed as non-compliant, he or she again is non-compliant, it will be deemed that the merchant is unable to follow the War of the Lilies rules, and the merchant shall be denied registration as a merchant at Lilies for the next three years. Additionally, no refund of the deposit will be issued.

Any merchant who has been marked as non-compliant three times in a period of six years will be deemed to be unable to follow the rule and will similarly be rejected for the next three years.

The merchant autocrat will list any merchants who have been deemed non-compliant, as well as any merchants who have removed themselves from such status as part of the final Lilies report.

In addition to the compliance issues noted above, merchants are subject to the same expectations of conduct as any participant in any activity of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Discourteous, disorderly, or dangerous behavior of any type may result in a penalty to the merchant including and up to ejectment from the event site. In case of ejectment, we regret that no fees or funds of any kind will be returned or prorated. By paying registration fee, the merchant agrees to and understand the foregoing conditions and agrees to abide by same.

For any other questions please contact HL Ermosinda de’ Ystra at Hope to see you there!