Gate Forms - Available on Site at Gate


Marshal Forms for Combat

Combat authorization forms (Notary not required for this form) – To be filled out by the fighter attempting the authorization, prior to the authorization. One authorization per form.

Forms specifically for minors -

Minor's Waiver and Informed Consent to Participate in SCA Combat (Must be notarized) - This waiver MUST be signed for you to receive an authorization card for field activities, but need not be re-executed when you authorize for additional field activities. However, it must be re-executed when your authorization card expires, and a new waiver filed with the Lists Office.  Please note, a notary will not be provided by Lilies War, The Lilies War Committee, or the Kingdom of Calontir.

Medical Authorization for Minors (Notary not required for this form) - The SCA requires minor participants (i.e., those having to have waivers) whose parents or legal guardians are not present at the event to have a valid Medical Authorization form. The SCA recommends use of the Medical Authorization for all minors whose parents or legal guardians are present.

 Minor Medical & Temporary Guardianship Form (Must be notarized):

This one is for children under the age of 18 who are attending with a non-parent/legal guardian, and must be notarized before arriving on site.  Please note, a notary will not be provided by Lilies War, The Lilies War Committee, or the Kingdom of Calontir. 



Merchants -

Merchant Forms  







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