All minors must have a parent or legal guardian on site at all times, or must be accompanied by a responsible adult, at least 21 years of age. Any minor attending without a parent or legal guardian must have at least two copies of NOTARIZED “Informed Consent to Participate” waivers and “Minor’s Medical Authorization” forms properly filled out for each minor before arriving on site (the local hospital requires all medical authorizations to be notarized). Parents or legal guardians bringing their own minor children do not need notarized medical authorizations, although they are strongly recommended since minors cannot remain on site unless a parent, legal guardian, or adult responsible for the child [and named in a notarized medical authorization] is also present on site. If a minor has a Society-issued membership card denoting a waiver is on file (currently printed on blue card stock) they do not need to have “informed consent to participate” waivers.

Minors too young to be able to identify themselves and their parents must be marked with this information in an acceptable manner. Medical armbands and pendant tags will be available at the Troll Booth.

Forms required for this are available on the Seneschal Page on the Calontir Website, in the Forms for Event Stewards zip file, they are also linked individually where mentioned above.