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Lilies Ball

Last Updated:  5-23-17


The Lilies ball is, as usual, on Thursday evening, approximately 9 pm. Everyone please feel welcome to come, there will be teaching, and if you can get yourself to the ball, you are capable of doing the dances!  Musicians of any skill level are welcome, bring a music stand and a book light is recommended.  There should be dance classes during the week for ball preparation, and we’ll have musician rehearsal daily at 11am in the Bardic Pavilion.

Dances for the Lilies XXXI Ball:
Set One
Carolingian Pavan
Black Alman
Petit Riense
Heart’s Ease
Rostiboli Gioioso

Set Two
Ly Bens Distonys
Herald’s In Love
Queen’s Alman
Maltese/Tuskish Bransle

Set Three
Official Bransle
Gracca Amoroso
Jenny Pluck Pears
Contrapasso in Due
Black Nag

We will be using music from the Pennsic Pile 44, all music is copiable for private use within the SCA, any other restrictions are noted on the music pages.

Lilies Ball Sets and Sheet Music lilies ball sets
Lilies Ball Coordinator