Calontir Arms

Cut & Thrust Combat

Last Updated: 3/18/2018


Unto All Good Gentles Attending This Lillie’s War To Participate In Cut & Thrust Classes, Tournaments, Melee Experiments, Or Any Of The Other Fun Activities We Have Planned This Year!

As This Year’s Marshal in Charge for C&T, I have made a conscious effort to encourage and facilitate providing the best opportunity for each and every one of you to enjoy “Your Vision” of “The Dream”!

With the able assistance of my Deputy, Baroness Ayisha bint Assad we have hopefully succeeded!

My most humble thanks and appreciation to all the Marshals within the Calontir Stile community for stepping forward to help make this happen!

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or requests for future classes, tournaments, or activities please feel free to share these with myself, my deputy, or any of the other Marshals of the Day. These will be recorded and passed on to next years MIC.

Please be safe and courteous, and find all the enjoyment you possibly can!

In Service to the Crown and Populous of Calontir!

Laird Brian Robert MacDougall
Lilies War Cut & Thrust Marshal-in-Charge


General Activities


Marshals Meeting

We request all of the marshals who have volunteered or MITs who hope to gain experience meet to get on the same page, if they are on site at this point.



Inspections will be conducted daily of all Masks, Helms, Armor, and Weapons.


Scheduled Authorization Times

While Authorizations can be conducted during any time when the field is open and sufficient marshals are available, the plan is to be able to conduct multiple Authorizations during these scheduled times. Remember that either the Kingdom Rapier / C&T Marshal, or a Kingdom Regional Deputy Rapier / C&T Marshal must conduct any Minor Authorizations.


C&T Round Table: Ask The Masters/Mistresses of Defence

An opportunity to ask questions of Companions of the Order of Defence.


Heavy Rapier War Practice

This will be a short war practice along the lines of what is done at Winter War Maneuvers, in order to help train the army to work together in preparation for Pennsic and other foreign wars.




Authorization Preparation: Introduction to C&T Class

Baroness Ayisha bint Asad & Lord Brian Robert MacDougall

The First in the series of classes intended to help people prepare to authorize. The class will cover the basic rules, armor requirements, and equipment needed to participate in C&T. Copies of the Society Combat Handbook and Kingdom Combat Rules will be available. Protective Loaner Gear will be fitted and identified for students intending to participate in the entire Preparation to Authorize Track. Depending upon attendance and time available some basic practical instruction may occur.


Authorization Preparation: Heavy Rapier Class

Baroness Ayisha bint Asad

One of a series of classes intended to help people prepare to authorize. This class will focus on preparation for the single-sword heavy rapier portion of the authorization.


So You Want To Be A Marshal

Baroness Ayisha bint Asad

Fighting is fun. Within the SCA, Marshals are a necessary part of enabling that fun to occur. Whether you are trying to get a practice started in your group, or just want to make sure that you’ll always be able to fight wherever you go, this class will provide you with more information about how to become a Marshal-In-Training, and what you have to do to get your Marshalate. There will be a time for Q&A, and we can discuss opportunities for MITs to fulfil some of their requirements during the war. Other marshals are welcomed to chime in with their experiences.


I Like Big Shields And I Cannot Lie

Baron Ulfr Thyrison

Discussion and observations on using large shields in C&T melee, rapier melee, and C&T tournaments. Class participation and discussion is encouraged.


Authorization Preparation: Single-sword C&T Class

Master Mikhail Nikolaevich Kramolnikov & Baroness Ayisha bint Asad

One of a series of classes intended to help people prepare to authorize. This class will focus on preparation for the single-sword Cut & Thrust portion of the authorization.


Authorization Preparation: Sword & Dagger Class

Baroness Ayisha bint Asad & Lord Brian Robert MacDougall

One of a series of classes intended to help people prepare to authorize. This class will focus on preparation for the sword & offensive offhand portion of the authorization, with a focus on dagger.


I-33: The Transition fighting style

Baron Ulfr Thyrison

A demonstration and discussion of the techniques in this early fighting manual.


Authorization Preparation: Sword & Buckler Class

Baron Ulfr Thyrison & Baroness Ayisha bint Asad

One of a series of classes intended to help people prepare to authorize. This class will focus on preparation for the sword & defensive offhand portion of the authorization, with a focus on buckler work.


Authorization Preparation: Two-hander Class

Baroness Ayisha bint Asad & Lord Brian Robert MacDougall

One of a series of classes intended to help people prepare to authorize. This class will focus on preparation for the two-hander portion of the authorization.


Measure of Tempo

Lord Rolant du Burbonne



Warm-Up Tourneys

Most days there will be a warm-up “speed tourney”. Everyone will line up. The first two people in line take the field; winner returns to the end of the line. Repeat until only one remains in line. Open weapon system.

Sponsored by Baroness Ayisha bint Asad.


C&T Pas de Arme’s

Selected champions (Tenans) will hold the field against all comers (Venans). Wear your best kit and come challenge the Tenans to demonstrate your skill at arms. Suggested challenges include counted blows, combat at the barrier, armor as worn, limited targets, etc. Prizes will be awarded for challengers who best represent the chivalric virtues: Prowess, Courtesy, Valor, Noblesse Oblige, Franchise, and Honor.

Sponsored by Master Gawin Kappler.


A Gentleman’s Game

A point-based tournament. Sponsored by the Honorable Lord Johan der Hund.


Double Dagger Tavern Scramble

Round Robin Tournament. All Daggers and Parry Devices will be Surrendered to the Bar!  No Combatant can have physical control over more than two Daggers or One Dagger and One Parry Device. No Grappling! Combatants start at center field and make their best pace to the Bar. Shennanigans, Dancing, Singing, and General Merriment are Encouraged. Death From Behind Is Prohibited!

Sponsored by Lord Brian Robert MacDougall.


Bring Out Your Booze

Double elim tournament. In order to participate all fighters must anty at least a six pack of beer or cider to the pot. Any “blue beer” contributors will receive an inconvenient weapon penalty that will last the duration of the tournament. (no dilly, dilly for you!) Winner of the tournament gets the pot.

Sponsored by the Honorable Lady Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla.


Two Handed Sword Tournament

Loser holds the field Bear Pit tournament.


Armor As Worn Tournament

Sponsored by the Midrealm.


I.33 Tournament

I will be hosting a bear pit tournament based around Royal Armouries Ms. I.33. This is the earliest known European fighting manual dating to the late 13th century. Since the focus of the manual is fighting with arming sword and buckler, it will be an arming sword and buckler tournament in which we attempt to employ the forms and styles from the manuscript. One hour prior to the tournament there will be a class held to introduce people to the manuscript, and the fighting forms appertaining.

The winner of the tournament will receive an arming sword from Castille Armory. Four additional prizes will be handed out to those who are deemed to most closely match MS. I.33 in visual appearance, style, and form.

If you do not have an arming sword, but would like to participate, please let me know and I will ensure that a loaner is available for you to use. It is my hope to demonstrate to people who are less familiar with steel combat in the SCA that there are a variety of forms, manuals, and weapon types available to them. For those who wish to read up ahead of time, there are a number of PDF copies available on the web. If you have any questions please let me know.

Sponsored by Baron Galen MacColmain.


Highlander Tournament

All participants will draw a disc with a number. All rounds will be blind draw for opponents. First round, all are mortal and usual Cut & Thrust rules apply. Allowed weapon systems will be single sword, single sword and dagger, and single sword and cloak. All following rounds will be death only with head shot. Wounds will be allowed. Body and leg shots are disallowed. Winners that are still mortal will place their numbered disc in the same bowl. Immortals will the do same in another. This is to simulate a standard tournament.

Drawings will continue until there are two mortals and two immortals. (Semi-finals) Immortal must win twice to advance.

For expediency, the final will be best two of three with different weapon system each time. Sponsored by the Honorable Lord Kitsu no Taro.


Novice Tournament

Never won an organized tournament. Matched weapons (fighter’s choice). Round robin.


Calontir Steel Ladies of the Rose Tournament

The Tournament will be conducted as a double elimination list consisting of two trees, one for Counties and one for Duchies, with the winners from each tree facing off in the final, a best two of three bouts. Should the trees be unbalanced on the day of the Tournament, reasonable adjustment will be made. The Lady of the Rose in Order of Precedence will determine placement on the list.

There will be a sign-up list at the field. Fighters must sign up prior to 8pm on Thursday, June 14th. All fighters wishing to participate in this tournament must be sponsored by a member of the Order of the Rose, and present themselves along with their sponsor to the tournament field on Friday, the June 15th.

Roses and their Champions should be at the field by 9:30am, and prepared for introductions and the reading of the list to begin by 10am.

There will be prizes awarded for “Best Kit”,  “Best Death” and possibly “Most Chivalrous Fighter.”


Fyrd Sgt Tournament

Each Fyrdman holds the field with their weapon of choice against the list with matched weapon systems. Should there be a tie it will be decided with a best out of three, matched weapon final. This Format is subject to change if larger numbers of Fyrd should decide to Participate.


Unranked Tournament

Swiss Five, double elimination



There will be a variety of scenarios; those decided in advance are described below. These will be following the rules of the C&T Melee Experiment. Participants must have been authorized in C&T for 1 year. Single-swords, two-handers, and all standard secondaries may be used. As of April 20, 2018, we are in Phase 3, which requires 4-10 participants. If we again receive special dispensation to temporarily move up a phase at Lilies, 10-30 participants will be required.


Gate Battle

There will be an even number of rounds, with the teams trading places between attacking and defending.


Blood of Heroes

Substantially similar to Blood of Heroes rules for armored combat.

There must be at least two unranked fighters for each team on the field at all times.

Teams will be comprised of:

Qwik – Dagger

Drive -Single Sword

Slash – Sword & Dagger or Two Sword

Back Charge – Sword & Shield

Chain – Two-Handed Sword



– 180 Degree engagement for all; You must have Eye Contact and some part of your body in the opponent’s forward 180 to engage. If you clock them in the back of the head from behind, penalty box.

– Only the Qwik may touch the skull.

– None can engage the Qwik except the opposing Qwik until the skull leaves the “circle” where the skull starts.

– Play each round till a point is scored or 1 minute elapses.


Penalty box for 45 seconds for:

– Improper engagement

– Rhinoing

– Tripping


Armor as Worn

These melees will be part of the C&T melee experiment; however, wearing medieval armor will provide some protection against blows as follows:

Padded (e.g. a gambeson): Immune to tip cuts, push cuts, and draw cuts

Chainmaille: Immune to cuts, single-handed sword thrusts.

Plate: Immune to all blows




1) You are NOT required to have armor to participate.

2) The face is considered unarmored for all combatants.

3) Armor must be made of period materials and be reasonably close to a period style of armor to prevent strikes from scoring. (e.g. plastic, aluminum, titanium, manufactured perforated sheet metal, fencing mask wire mesh, ahistoric leather armor, and modern butcher/”shark” mail do not count as armor, but may still be worn for your own safety.).


Norse Saga Melee Games

Fighters will join either the Aesir or the Jotunn for a series of melees using the C&T melee experiment rules. Certain fighters will take on the roles of Norse heroes and villains which will provide them with unique off-handed weapons, super-powers, etc.