Calontir Arms

Arts & Sciences

Adapted from Portrait of a Scholar by Domenico Fetti (c. 1589 – 1623)

A&S is gonna be Awesome!

Really, we mean it!

We want you to be a part of it. From classes to immersive events, A&S community-building gatherings and gaming out the wazoo, there’s a lot of exciting arts and sciences programming in the works this year.

So if you like to make cool things, create beautiful art, learn more about history, or immerse yourself into the pre-seventeenth century world, we’re planning on having something you’ll like. Please let me know if I can help you have a better A&S experience!

  • Lilies 2018 A&S Coordinator
  • JonkheerHugo van Harlo

  • A&S Deputy
  • LadyÆlin Kausi


The class schedule has arrived! We’ll have more classes and A&S activities this year than we have in several years – and so much of that is directly due to all the wonderful teachers we have this year. Whatever you’re interested in, you’ll find something worthwhile to attend and learn at Lilies this year.

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Lilies War is once again happy to host a number of exciting and diverse competitions during our time at war. Find one that interests you and join in the fun!

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A&S Socials

Join us twice during the war for lunchtime socials designed to connect the A&S community and introduce area newcomers and newer artists and artisans to experts and Laurels.

Known World Tour

Six days of the war, Sunday through Friday, will host a “Known World Tour Day” introducing a specific culture or era of the SCA period.

Learn More about the Tour

Silver Lily Renaissance Salon

Inspired by the Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon at Gulf Wars, immerse yourself in the salon culture of the Renaissance era while attending classes, arts and science demos, and events.

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RUSH War Certificates

RUSH and the Lilies Arts and Sciences staff hope that everyone will enjoy the variety of classes on offer here at Lilies. One way to make the most of classes is to work towards a War Certificate. Earn one by taking at least 15 hours of classes, at least one from each category (Utility, Knowledge, Arts) and at least six subject areas. Five hours must be “hands-on” type classes, and no more than 1 hour may be a discussion or roundtable.

While you don’t need to complete all classes in a single war, here at Lilies, you just might be able to!

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From athletic tournaments, to board games, to even “gambling,” take some time to relax, have some fun, and get in some historic gaming!

Sunday A&S Demos

On Sunday June 10th, Calontir will host public tours at Lilies War from 10:00am to 1:00pm. Tours run a 1-mile circuit highlighting archery, arts & sciences, and combat activities.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to help with different aspects of the tours.

Public Facebook Event for Invites

Guild Events, Classes, and Activities

Potters Guild

The Potters Guild tent will have classes for every skill level! Mornings will feature beginning wheel throwing classes, and the afternoons will hold specialized classes on all sorts of pottery things! Norse Mead Jugs? We got that! Medieval Tiles? We got that! Come see us and get dirty!

We welcome beginners! Come in the morning to learn the basics of wheel throwing or just to watch as people learn!

Glassworkers Guild

As the Glass Tent Scheduler and one of the instructors, I am proud to announce that we will have 68 hours of classes under the glass tent this year. If you are new to glass work and want to try it out, we have 16 hours of beginner classes scheduled.

The Lilies Ball & Dances

We have several classes throughout the week and although they are tailored for beginning dancers, we would be excited to have dancers of all skill levels join us! Our classes will be located next to the Broken Harp this year, and while there aren’t any evening dance classes on the schedule, we may break out into dance anyway!

Even if we don’t see you in the classes, I invite everyone to join us on Thursday night for the Lilies War Grand Ball at the Permanent Pavilion near the Archery Field.

Last updated:  4-28-2018