Armored Combat

Here are all the planned fighting activities. If you have questions, please contact Sir Richard de Bleys at

Fighting starts every day at 10:00a

Every day the field will be open for Pick-Ups

Saturday 10:00a
War Scenario: Boats / Valhalla Boats
Fighting will be from static locations with controlled crossing points for location changes (moving boat to boat)

Sunday 10:00a
War Scenario: Messenger
The goal here is for the defending group to make a way for a messenger to escape a siege

Sunday Following War Scenario
Chivalry Social

Monday 10:00a
War Scenario: Town / Castle
Town is Capture a Leader battle
Castle is a classic castle battle, but reinforcements come in from outside for the defenders

Monday 1:30p
Tournament: 3 Pass, 3 Weapon, 3 Blows

Tuesday 10:00a
War Scenario: Combined Field Woods / Woods Rattan Scenario
Both the field and the woods near the field will be in play for this. Those not wishing to enter the woods still has field as part of the scenario.

Tuesday 1:30p
Tournament: Man At Arms Tournament

Wednesday 10:00a
War Scenario: River w/Mounted Fording
Any Chivalry, Duchy, County, or Baronage individual will be considered mounted for this scenario and can cross the rivers unimpeded. They may designate 1 of their associates as mounted if that individual is wearing armor appropriate for 14c English/French (Think Deed of Arms style armor)

Wednesday 2:00p
Tournament: First Spear Tournament

Wednesday 4:00p
Tournament: First Axe Tournament

Wednesday 5:30p
Tournament: Duke Lycurgus Memorial Tournament

Thursday 10:00a
War Scenario: Horse Stealing / River Fording
Only those who possess a horse will be considered mounted for this and can cross the river unimpeded. Taking horses from an opponent back for scoring will be the goal

Thursday 1:00p
Ducal Bowling

Thursday 3:00p
14th Century Deed of Arms

Thursday 3:00p
Tournament: Water Bearers Tournament (4th Co.)

Thursday 8:00p
Tournament: Ladies of the Rose (Rattan) Tournament

Friday 10:00a
Viking Scenario

Friday 10:30a
War Scenario: Single Sword Res/ Siege/Bridges
Standard single sword resurrection, then a controlled castle siege, and bridges that use the castle

Friday 2:30p
Tournament: Childrens Tournament

Saturday 10:00a
War Scenario: Kill the Commanders / Capture the Flag
Anyone who was a commander for any day is given a banner and that is a capture objective on the scenario as capture the flag