Welcome to Lilies!

As you well know, all of the Event Stewards this year are member of the Order of the Archaic Fewmit, or OAFs.  And it is the solemn (!?) obligation of the Order to Liven the Unlively, Stir the Pot Before It Burns, and Never, Ever Get Bored.  As such, we plan on having fun activities break out anywhere, at almost any time—the OAFlympics!  [Cue fanfare from Andrixos’ shiny horn.]

Some will be on land.  Some will be at sea.  Some will be in the air! 

Some will be scheduled—you want fun that is easy to find.  Some will happen at the drop of a hat, because who wants to wait for fun?  But how will you find it?  Come to the sound of the bell! 

Among the many activities will be old favorites like Helgaball and Hunkerhousen, new events like Boffer Bushkazi and the William Marshal History Hunt, exotic foreign games of Jomswikingr, and old favorites like the Houndsford Duck Relay.  There will be new ways to dump your friends—try the Three Legged Boffer Melee!  Take your crew out for the Fyrdraca Time Trials Fundraiser.  Kite flying fun for all ages.  Spear the Beer for the child Fyrdman in every adult! 

There are simply too many things to list.  So come to the sound of the bell and find out.

Master Kirk FitzDavid, Event Steward and Lowliest Of the Low