The SCA's first ever Known World Historic Combat Studies Symposium will be held during the opening weekend (Fri June 7 — Monday June 11, 2019) of Lilies War (Fri June 7 — Sun June 16).

The symposium will provide a series of focused classes and hands-on workshops focused on the A&S side of medieval and renaissance combat. These topics include, but are not limited to the study of historic combat techniques — including aspects that cannot be done as part of SCA marshal activities; military history; and the creation of armor, weapons, archery equipment, and equestrian equipment. For guidelines on historic combat as a form of A&S, please refer to this document:

Fighting activities (rattan, fencing, and archery) will emphasize historic aspects of SCA and attendees will also be welcome to join Calontir for everything that the Lilies War has to offer.