In keeping with this year’s theme of Rome vs. its traditional enemies, armored combat is going to have three major emphases. 

First, in keeping with the finest traditions of the Roman Army we will emphasize training and practice (which we can all use given the recent long pause in our activities).  We hope to provide opportunities for fighters to improve their individual skills in individual weapon styles as well as practice in melee from small unit tactics up to whole-army maneuvers.

Second, in addition to the traditional SCA battle scenarios that we all know and love, we hope to provide some scenarios that elicit the flavor of our theme (consider Gauls, Germans, Parthians, among many others). 

And third, given that we are hosting this war at a time of year when the weather should be pleasant as opposed to the “delightful summery climes” that have occasionally afflicted past Lilies Wars, we hope to provide opportunity for complete exhaustion.

Duke Tristram of Lindesfarne