From the Archery Marshall

Greetings from the Archery Marshal in Charge,

Welcome to Lilies archery. On behalf of myself and my deputy, His Lordship Cynedd of Loch Smythe, I invite you to participate in a wide variety of activities and tournaments on the Archery Range, 100 Arrows Range, Thrown Weapon Range and Children’s Archery Range.

The Archery Range and 100 Arrow Range are open 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM daily.  The 100 Arrow Range is under the direction of Mistress Lynette DaveJean with the final Saturday reserved for the 100 Arrow finals. This is the premier archery tournament of the war so make sure you get in on the fun.

The Thrown Weapons Range is open 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and is under the direction of Her Lordship Juliana Macnayre.  Please remember NO OPEN SHOES allowed on the Thrown Weapon Range. 

The Children’s Range is open 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday under the direction of His Lordship William Fletcher of Carbery. This is a great opportunity for children to learn to shoot or improve their shooting skills.  Please note that a parent or guardian must be within arms reach of a child when they are shooting.

100 Arrows Range

Safety Rules:

An archery marshal must be present on the range during use. No shooting or throwing allowed without the presence of an authorized archery  marshal or archery marshal in training working the line.

All equipment must be inspected by an archer marshal or archer marshal in training before use.

Closed shoes or boots must be worn on the thrown weapons range even if not throwing.

Never cut through the archery or thrown weapon ranges while the range is open.

A minor must be 14 years or older to use a bow without their parent or guardians presence. The parent or guardian must be within arms reach if the minor is younger than 14 years. Thrown weapons and crossbows can only be used by minors 14 years or older with their parent or guardians present.


Yours in service,

Master Dammo Utwiler

Archery Descriptions

100 Arrow Shoot: all week

Mistress Lynette DaveJean – This is the 24th year of Lilies ultimate archery tournament. The qualifying shoot is available all week and consists of 4 rounds of 25 arrows each. Each round consists of 5 ends of 5 arrows shot at 5 small bullseyes. The rounds can be shot on the same or different days, as the archer chooses. Those with the highest scores in each bow category will move on to the finals Saturday morning at 8:00 AM. The list of finalists and alternates is posted Friday evening. Please check to see if you qualify as alternates frequently make the finals due to no shows.

Learn to Shoot Archery: Sunday 2:30 PM

Lord Franz Johann Gottskrieger -  Designed for people new to archery who have no idea where to start. Will cover the different types of bows and how to pick the one for you, how to get the right arrows, the rules of the line and reading the target to identify your shooting mistakes.  You will learn how to shoot well enough to enter the archery shoots!  If you know how to shoot, but want to shoot better, come on by. We’ll try to help.  Loaner Equipment available. 

Torchlight Tourney:  Sunday 8:30 PM

Bee Sisters – Come shoot by the light of the moon, stars and the fire of torches. Protect your village from things that go bump in the night.

Children’s Mounted Archery Shoot: Monday 1:00 PM

Lord Brynjolf Brandrsmidr - Does your child love archery? How about horses?  If yes to both, then please come join us Monday at 1pm on the Youth Archery Range for a combination of the two at the Children’s Mounted Archery Fun Shoot! There will be stations with child size practice archery mounts, there will be prizes, and most of all there will be FUN!  Sponsored by/prizes provided by Kainen Brynjolfsson.

Ladies of the Rose Archery Tournament: Tuesday 9:00 AM

Countess Conna ingen Ui Chearbhaill and Master Dammo Utwiler – Each Lady of the Rose may sponsor a ranked and unranked champion to shoot for her.  Ranked is defined as having an Award of Arms or higher level archery award in their Kingdom.  The shoot will be a double elimination tourney with each round decided by the first archer to knock down their target.

William the Marshal Tournament:  Tuesday 1:00 PM

Master Dammo Utwiler – This event will consist of 3 short tournaments to determine the final 8 contestants.  Tournaments in the time of William the Marshal were very much a free for all. There were no rules that prevented knights or foot soldiers from banding together to attack a single knight. The final will reflect this. There will be a target representing each finalist.   When you hit an opponent you gain an arrow, when you get hit you lose an arrow.  Last man standing wins the grand prize.

Linen Shoot: Wednesday 1:00 PM

HL Galen Mac Colmain – The shoot is 2 rounds of 6 arrows at 20, 30, and 40 yards at a period bullseye. There will be 2 ranked and 2 unranked winners. A ranked archer is defined as having received an Award of Arms or higher for archery in their Kingdom. The unranked winner will win a basic tunic or dress of their choice from a merchant to be named. The ranked winners will win enough linen to make a tunic or dress.

Queen's Yeoman Tournament: Wednesday 10:00 AM

Mistress Alessandra de Piro – Test your skill at archery and thrown weapons to honor the Queen of Calontir.  For her honor, you must show your skills with the longbow at 20 and 30 yards, axe, knife, and spear. Those showing prowess with these weapons and honor on the field will be recognized by Her Royal Majesty as one of her Yeoman.

Archery Potluck: Wednesday evening

Archery social and auction at 7:00 PM or immediately after court.  Bring some food to share.

Unranked Archer Tournament: Thursday 10:30 AM

Lord Asher of Loch Bheathrach – This shoot is for unranked archers and is sponsored by the Boga Fyrd. It is to provide a showcase for unranked archers to demonstrate their prowess in archery and thrown weapons.  All unranked archers are encouraged to attend.

Period Shoot: Thursday 1:00 PM

Master Lief of Crescent Moon – Show off your period expertise and equipment.  No Fiberglass.  Arrows must be self/period knocks. No brass knocking points.  Consult Master Lief if you have any concerns about your equipment.  The purpose is to have as close to a period archery experience as possible.

Period Flaming Arrow Demo:  Thursday 8:30 PM

Emerick Jones – A demonstration on period fire arrows including types of fuel and arrows used with a demo of their incendiary ablilities.