Greetings from the Archery Marshal in Charge,

Welcome to Lilies archery. On behalf of myself and my deputies, Mistress Lynette Davejean and Lady Avelyn Carbery, I invite you to participate in a decidedly stranger than normal Lilies archery experience. With the changes to the time of year, duration, and a few other things, we’ve had to radically change the format as well. That means that this year will be an exclusive Lilies archery experience like no other...

This year a special range is being set up where the 100 Arrow range is normally located. It will be a dedicated carnival range where people can come and shoot at skee-ball, and balloon targets any time the range is open. Points will get you tickets, and tickets can be turned into the prize booth at any time for prizes big and small. We’ll be opening the range with a special evening shoot Wednesday evening of the war. We’ll start while it’s still light out (around 6:00 PM), and shoot past dusk into the torchlight hours. Mistress Lynette, Lady Ashlynn, and myself will be staffing the booth during range hours throughout the week. Some loaner equipment is available in the prize booth for those who need it.

The regular archery range is open 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Thursday and Friday. Thursday night there will be a night shoot taking place beginning at 7:30 PM.

The Thrown Weapons Range is open 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Thursday and Friday, and is under the direction of Lady Avelyn Carbery.  Please remember NO OPEN SHOES allowed on the Thrown Weapon Range.

Saturday we will be holding the King’s Companie of Archers event at Lilies. The entire range will be dedicated to that event for the day, and you are invited to come and join us for a day of shooting like no other.

Yours in service,

Baron Galen mac Colmain

Safety Rules

- An archery marshal must be present on the range during use. No shooting or throwing is allowed without the presence of an authorized archery marshal, or archery marshal in training, working the line.

- All equipment must be inspected by an archery marshal, or archery marshal in training, before use.

- Closed shoes or boots must be worn on the thrown weapons range even if not throwing.

- Never cut through the archery or thrown weapon ranges while the range is open.

- A minor must be 14 years or older to use a bow without their parent or guardian’s presence. The parent or guardian must be within arms reach if the minor is younger than 14 years. Thrown weapons and crossbows can only be used by minors 14 years or older with their parent or guardian present.

Archery Schedule