Lilies War Episode XXXI: The Holy Roman Empire Strikes Back

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2017 Lilies Site Book and A&S Book uploaded and available!
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Last Updated:  June 2, 2017


Ice at Lilies War XXXI – May 17 – For those who have shared concerns about the availability of ice at this years Lilies War, worry no more. Our vendor, Doug, has agreed to work with us for one more year before he retires from the ice business. There WILL be ice on site this year.

SCHEDULING:  All Schedules must be to the Master Scheduler:  April 10

ALL content that goes into the site book:  May 1


Master Schedule updated 6-02-17

Chivalry Social information added to Events and Gatherings and Rattan pages 6-02-17

Master Schedule updated 5-1-17

Merchants and Food Court Merchants updated 4-24-17

Rattan Battle Scenarios added! 4-24-17
Lilies Ball page updated 4-24-17
Events and Gatherings page updated 4-19-17
Youth Combat page schedule updated 4-19-17
Master Schedule updated 4-19-17
Archery page Shoot descriptions updated 4-19-17



Events/Gatherings page updated with more events! 4-2-17

Stile Heraldic Pas Da Arms tournament description updated 4-2-17

Youth Combat page ADDED and description added 4-2-17

Updated A&S sign up information 3-29-17

C&T Schedule and Tournament Descriptions updated 3-21-17

ADDED Volunteer page for volunteering at Lilies

ADDED Events/Gatherings page in Activities listing unofficial “things to do” at Lilies

Lilies XXXI Theme information added! 2-23-17

Events/Gatherings page updated 3-26-17

Activities pages updated with short descriptions 3-26-17

Removed Cut and Thrust Schedule due to conflicts 3-26-17

Event Registration Information

Pricing information has been added to the Event Registration page.