Lilies War XXXIIII:

Romans VS Barbarians

Friends and Family of the Heartlands,
The wise decision by the SCA Board of Directors means that October Lilies will not be able to proceed. Whereas we sorrow that this Autumn will not see us reunited, we can all take comfort in the safety of those we hold dear. We thank the Lilies Staff, who planned, pivoted, and then planned again with even greater enthusiasm. Their unwavering dedication and hard work makes our hearts swell with gratitude. We also thank Master Alan and the rest of the Lilies Committee for their kind advice and support. We also send our thanks to Their Majesties, Lucian and Tamar, for Their guidance in navigating these uncharted and shifting waters.
And, there is joy in looking forward! This temporary retirement to hearth and home give us all time to plan for an absolutely spectacular Lilies next summer! One thing of which we can be certain is that one day we will be able to once again enjoy the clash of battle, the discourse of scholars, the companionship of friends, merry song, and the call of the Fyrdraca’s sea-horn.

Until that day, please remain safe and hopeful.
Your Lilies Event Stewards

Lilies War Location

Kelsey Short Youth Camp

17980 Collins Rd
Smithville, MO 64809


When & Where

Where do I get ice?

The intersection of High Road and King’s Highway.

For those people dreading the long walk to the parking lot just to retrieve ice, good news!  Nearly half a mile has been cut from your round trip.  For those of you trying to get your steps in, our apologies.  May we suggest a walk down Long March road to the shade of Far Point instead?

Their Royal Majesties Lucian & Tamar

Lucian & Tamar

Marius Lucian Fidelis Artifex

King of Calontir

[email protected]

Atia Albia Tamara

Queen of Calontir

[email protected]